SDCC 2013: Hasbro Marvel Legends (Preview Night)

Hasbro Marvel Legends (Preview Night) (30 of 30)

Hasbro’s 6-inch Marvel figures have steadily improved during their tenure – and since the relaunch of Marvel Legends last year, Hasbro has consistently had a great showing during San Diego Comic-Con. Preview Night featured a new series of Marvel Legends, a surprise set of three new figures for the 6-inch Iron Man line, and a look at some packaged figures from the Wolverine Legends line.

In Marvel Legends, Hasbro brought out the next wave after the Rocket Raccoon mini-BAF wave. At Toy Fair they had teased Batroc, Blizzard, Moonstone, and Songbird. To continue the villain-heavy theme that’s been running strong starting with the Thunderbolts SDCC exclusive, the wave also includes Radioactive Man and Tigershark, both of whom look stunning. Jubilee and the Flash Thompson Venom round out the wave. I didn’t get to ask if there’s a Build-A-Figure planned.

One piece of bad news / good news has to do with the running change variants from earlier waves, like Blade, Iron Fist, Savage She-Hulk, and Iron Fist. The distribution scheme that had worked (more or less) with the first couple of waves has faltered with the more recent ones – so I wouldn’t hold my breath to see them at retail, at least as planned. Hasbro’s Dwight Stall did tell me that they’re working on alternate plans to get them into our hands. One hypothetical is a retailer exclusive box set, for example. But nothing is confirmed on them yet.

Iron Man and Wolverine Legends represent additional 6-inch Legend waves for this year. I was surprised to see three new figures from the Iron Man line – as we’ve already seen the second wave that completes the Iron Monger BAF. The new wave includes a Pepper Potts Rescue that’s been popular with customizers recently, the pre-Iron Patriot War Machine Mk 2 that got cut from the movie, and a quite recognizable Ben Kingsley Mandarin.

On the Wolverine front, the packaged samples confirm a couple of things. First, Emma Frost and Rogue will share a single package (although the news about running change variants raises some doubts). Also, it looks like there’s no cape for Emma, despite what some people had heard back during Toy Fair. Finally, Puck comes in three BAF parts with Sabretooth, Emma / Rogue, and Cyclops / Phoenix Force Cyke (presumed – he was not shown) – Wolverine, who probably will come in a couple different variants, does not have a BAF piece.

I have some time allotted on Saturday to talk with the Hasbro Marvel team. Please leave any questions you might have in the comment section below, and I’ll try to get answers. Thanks!

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  1. I was just going to say what Kevin said…Jubilee is the BAF for that wave.  It has been confirmed elsewhere and it says “(Build A Figure)” on her little nameplate next to her.
    Starting next year, they will return to the larger (8-9 inch) BAF’s.
    As far as questions, please ask why they don’t use their more often.  Man more people, get a bigger warehouse, whatever…just a bigger online presence altogether.  I know they don’t want to undercut their retailers, but their retailers have either stopped stocking figures or are very slow to stock them.  They already have to compete with so many things with Amazon and have had to step up.  If they felt more pressure, I’m sure they would step up.  Many big-time retailers (Walmart, Target, Kmart) really don’t give the proper respect to the main collector lines.

  2. Will we get a 6″ Avengers Iron man Mark VII or Suits that made the Iron man 3 movie (silver centurion, heartbreaker, Gemini,etc.) in future waves of Marvel Legends Iron man series?

  3. Any chance of an Arnim Zola-style variant allowing for classic 90’s Jubilee, which is the more fan-demanded costume for her?  Also, any chance of a 6″ movie Black Widow?

  4. I’d like to know if the six inch Wolverine line will only be a Previews Exclusive with no retail presence, or if this is a timed exclusive? Also curious if they have given any thought to subscriptions/club figures or online exclusives through Hasbro Toy Shop?

  5. Also, how about a return for box sets?  I know the Thunderbolts is a big SDCC exclusive, but what abotu something like the original team of X-Men.  With All New X-Men, as well as the upcoming Battle Of The Atom, and the newly announced game to go with it, it’d be a great way to get desired teams out there, all in one shot.  Thanks, again!

  6. I have a question, even though it seems it may already be paramount in your goals. THE SPARSE DISMAL DISTRIBUTION AT COMMERCIAL RETAIL NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED AND SOLVED. I WANT TO KNOW HOW AN WHEN HASBRO PLANS TO FIX THIS. MARVEL LEGENDS hmu in general. Not just the vanishing variants and or random running nigh-impossible chase figures. -Thank you.

  7. GL Ric Kage I second this as well. I didn’t add it to my questions because the variant issue has been kind of addressed by Dwight Stall in an article on MarvelousNews. Of course it was more PR speak than anything, but hopefully they do something about it. At least they acknowledge the fact a problem exists. 

     I’m also guessing that the number one questions everyone wants to know the answer to is where’s the retail presence/What’s up with the distribution? I’m sick of seeing Terrax, Arnim Zola, IM3 Series 1 and the occasional leftover Hit Monkey figures peg warming. I really wish they would do something with subs, online or more Two Packs/Box Sets. It seems to me this line is hot and has a decent following. Probably some opportunities to make money. 

    That being said, I am digging most of the new figures being shown. Where is MU Ant Man and AoA Jean?

  8. the the face of the current look is also ok i thought its looks dumb at first but i take a look again with some pictures and it looks ok I think both look is ok

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