Marvel Legends Agent Venom Exclusive Available to Pre-Order at

A month ago, Hasbro revealed that the Marvel Legends Agent Venom figure would be released as a Walgreen’s exclusive. Originally shown in the Hasbro SDCC display last year, they said Venom would finally be available to pre-order at SDCC this year – and while we weren’t sure exactly how, now we know. The Agent Venom is now up for pre-order on the Walgreen’s website.

Get your pre-order in now – no telling when this will sell out.

2 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Agent Venom Exclusive Available to Pre-Order at”

  1. yes too bad that once again there were no limits (and no real heads up for when to go there) so scalpers scooped up all of them immediately. So we should start seeing these on Feebay for roughly 3x the SRP in massive quantities.
    I’m pretty much done trying to get things made by Hasbro. They don’t give a rat’s behind about their customers, and they seem to willingly set things up to support the scalping industry.  Why support a company like that?

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