SDCC 2014: Mattel WWE Elite (Preview Night)

SDCC 2014 Mattel WWE Elite

Admittedly, I have not been following Mattel’s WWE line that closely since the Legends sub-line shut down – but with the Legion of Doom in their red and black ring attire on its way, I’ll be on the hunt. They’ll be showing up as single-carded flashback figures in the next wave of Elites.

Vader, Lex Luger, and the Rock (again?) will be flashback figures rounding out the next two waves of Mattel’s WWE Elite line. But with Hulk Hogan back in the fold and supposedly scheduled to attend Mattel’s WWE panel tomorrow morning, can a Hogan figure be far behind?

2 thoughts on “SDCC 2014: Mattel WWE Elite (Preview Night)”

  1. Legends never really died, it just got merged with the Elite line. They’ve been making a lot of great, classic figures like HBK, Diesel, Yokozuna, even Sammartino, and we FINALLY got Ric Flair last month.

    Kind of bummed that the wave 31 Rock isn’t the goofy-looking debut look that was rumored, but that helmeted Vader is awesome! Hoping to see a Hogan and Razor Ramon tomorrow!

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