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Coming this winter to CustomCon 38 is an all new series of Star Wars action figures, the Kenner Collection! This series of retro styled figures is being created as a continuation of the original Star Wars line from the 1980’s, and will consist of figures that were never made in the vintage series. Featuring characters from both the movies and the expanded universe, no corner of the Star Wars multiverse is off limits.

Series 1, available exclusively at CustomCon 38, will consist of 8 figures: Mongo Beefhead Tribesman, Rebel Trooper, Grand Moff Tarkin, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon, Biggs Darklighter, Jek Porkins, and Y-Wing Pilot.

Entry by: Rabid_Ewok
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Mongo Beefhead Tribesman uses the same recipe as the original Kenner prototype. The body and head are from Squidhead (with the head turned up on end), the arms are from Hammerhead, and the harness is from 4-LOM.

Rebel Trooper is a Trenchcoat Han solo body with a Death Squad Commander head.

Grand Moff Tarkin and Grand Admiral Thrawn are Imperial Commanders with the tops of there heads re-sculpted.

Captain Pellaeon is an Imperial Commander with a sculpted mustache.

Biggs is a Bespin Han Solo with sculpted hair and mustache, and a vinyl cape cut from a 3 ring binder.

Porkins is a Rancor Keeper whose body was sanded down and completely re-sculpted. The arms were adjusted to set out farther from the body so that they would not rub against the sculpted belt.

Y-Wing Pilot is a B-Wing pilot with a Trenchcoat Han Solo head and the helmet from a modern Ekelarc Yong figure. I re-sculpted the inside edge of the helmet around the face.

All weapons are reproductions.

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  1. A Pellaeon figure at last? count me in!
    Having a matchingly sculpted Thrawn to accompany him is just a bonus!

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