SDCC 2015: G.I. JOE Gets Jumbo and Micro Exclusives from Gentle Giant

Grunt, Snake Eyes, and Rock ‘n Roll get the Gentle Giant vintage makeover

SDCC 2015 Gentle Giant G.I. JOE Jumbo and Micro exclusives

With its San Diego Comic-Con exclusives this year, Gentle Giant is expanding its vintage G.I. JOE product line… and shrinking it. Grunt, the infantry trooper, will be the latest vintage figure to be revealed in its 12-inch line. He may also be the first you can get into your hands. Rock ‘n Roll, Stalker, Snake Eyes, and Zap are in the pipeline for 12-inch but are expected to be released after SDCC.

Meanwhile, Snake Eyes and Rock ‘n Roll are serving double duty, launching a micro-figure scale with a 2-pack exclusive for the show. It’s not clear exactly how micro is micro, but seeing as how the figures will fit easily in the palm of your hand, they’ll be a good deal smaller than the classic 3 3/4-inch figures. Maybe 50% smaller, making them 1 7/8-inches?

You can pre-order these the Jumbo and Micro exclusives (and more) from Gentle Giant if you are a Premier Guild member.

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Mattycollector June Early Access Starts, SDCC Voucher Sale Ends 6/11

All Access starts on 6/15

Matycollector June sale - Multi-Bot, Sssqueeze, Man-at-Arms

Thursday morning we’ll see the start of Mattycollector’s June sale with Early Access, and then Thursday night they’ll close up their SDCC voucher sale.

The June sale is all Masters of the Universe Classics. The two primary Club Eternia releases are Sssqueeze (the monthly for June) and Multi-Bot (a quarterly deluxe figure). Both won’t be available during Early Access, because I suppose Mattel continues to think it doesn’t make sense to give your best customers (the subscribers) the chance to buy more figures. They do have Snake Face (April 2013) and Tung Lashor (November 2014) up again. And, because these are probably selling poorly, the Giant Man-At-Arms will be available in Early Access too. Early Access for June starts at 8AM PT on 6/11. All Access is at 9AM PT on 6/15.

The mystery items that were not available at the start of the SDCC voucher sale were revealed to be Halo exclusives from Mega Blocks (a micro figure pack) and BOOMco (foam dart guns that we can’t say are from Nerf). Three items have sold out so far – two of the three Ever After / Monster High dolls, and the Hot Wheels Marvel Secret War 3-pack. Everything else is still up for grabs. Happy shopping!

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CustomCon 38 – the Complete Index

CustomCon 38

Without further ado, here’s the index for the entries for CustomCon 38:

Light turn-out this time around. We’ll do a better job publicizing the event for next time. Thanks to Rabid_Ewok, Fizzle, and Death Weed for submitting entries, and to all who stopped by!

More CustomCon

CC38: Star Wars – The Kenner Collection by Rabid_Ewok

Star Wars Group

Coming this winter to CustomCon 38 is an all new series of Star Wars action figures, the Kenner Collection! This series of retro styled figures is being created as a continuation of the original Star Wars line from the 1980’s, and will consist of figures that were never made in the vintage series. Featuring characters from both the movies and the expanded universe, no corner of the Star Wars multiverse is off limits.

Series 1, available exclusively at CustomCon 38, will consist of 8 figures: Mongo Beefhead Tribesman, Rebel Trooper, Grand Moff Tarkin, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon, Biggs Darklighter, Jek Porkins, and Y-Wing Pilot.

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Kickstarter Monday: Visionaries (Hasbro Vintage 1987 Toy Line) Collector’s Guide Campaign is Seeking Your Pledge

Christopher Ibbitt contacted me last week to share the Kickstarter campaign he is working on with Gemma Tovee – a collector’s guidebook for Hasbro’s Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light toy line. Although a much younger me was happily collecting G.I. JOE when this toy line existed, way back in 1987, I never encountered Visionaries. According to Christopher, Visionaries was marketed that year with the same marketing fervor as Joes, just in the fantasy genre instead of military:

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light was a toy line produced by Hasbro in 1987. The figures, vehicles and accessories prominently featured holographic or foil stickers to represent the characters ability to invoke magical powers or adopt animal forms.

As was typical with many children’s properties of its time the toylines launch was accompanied by a comic and cartoon series of the same name, produced by Star Comics (an imprint of Marvel Comics) and Sunbow Productions respectively. Both of which were ultimately cancelled with the discontinuation of the toy line as a result of rising production costs.

Guidebooks for toy lines are labors of love. I backed Philip Reed (of in his successful Kickstarter for Transforming Collections (covering unofficial Transformer toys, not from Hasbro), and would like to see this project come to fruition. The Visionaries guidebook campaign is in the funding stage until November 28. They’re nearly 2/3 of the way to a very modest target of around $3,500 (£2,200). Check it out!

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