I Forgot About Mattycollector’s March Early Access

Mattycollector March Early Access

When Mattycollector has something good up for grabs, I try to post a reminder the day before. This month, the sale is so forgettable that I wanted to post about that – but I forgot. šŸ˜€

Early Access for March (which ends Friday morning at 8AM PST) and All Access (which starts on Monday at 9AM PST) will have the same three figures available: Connor Kent Superboy and Ice from DC Universe Classics, and the Masters of the Universe Giant Zodac.

Huntara, the winner of the Masters of the Universe Classics fan vote, was apparently produced only in enough quantity to fulfill Club Eternia subscribers – she will have no day of sales inventory available to cherry-pickers. Oo-Larr (aka mini-comic He-Man) is the exclusive for this year. So while it was expected that he not be available to purchase, it was a surprise that he was pushed back a month – he’ll ship to subscribers in April. (Correction: as was pointed out to me in the comments, it is the map that is delayed, not the Oo-Larr figure. Thanks guys!)

As Masters of the Universe Classics winds down this year, I’m expecting to see more sales days like this. It’s kind of sad, right?

3/16 Releases Announced: Giant ZodacĀ®,Ā DC Comics, Plus Subscriber-Only Figures

With all the recent talk about net neutrality, we could use the Cosmic Enforcerā„¢ to keep everyone in checkā€¦ good thing heā€™s on his way for the March sale! This month weā€™ve got the new 12ā€ Giant ZodacĀ® arriving to keep an eye on things, plus a couple of DC Comics favorites and two figures shipping to subscribers only.

Early Access 3/12

  • Thursday, 3/12 from 8 a.m. PT to Friday,Ā 3/13 at 8 a.m. PT (subscribers only)
  • Masters of the UniverseĀ® Giant ZodacĀ®*
  • DC Comics Connor Kent Superboy*
  • DC Comics Ice*

All Access 3/16

  • Monday, 3/16 at 9 a.m. PT (everyone)
  • Masters of the UniverseĀ® Giant ZodacĀ®
  • DC Comics Connor Kent Superboy*
  • DC Comics Ice*

*Subject to Early Access sellout.

2015 Club EterniaĀ® Subscribers Only

  • Masters of the UniverseĀ® Classics Oo-LarrĀ® (Club EterniaĀ® Exclusive Figure; Castle GrayskullĀ® map shipping separately in April.) Available only to subscribers of 2015 Club EterniaĀ® as a benefit of membership, Oo-Larr Ā® cannot be purchased.
  • Masters of the UniverseĀ® Classics Huntaraā„¢ (Club EterniaĀ® Monthly Figure.) Huntaraā„¢ will be shipped to subscribers only and wonā€™t be available during March 2015 All Access or Early Access.

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6 thoughts on “I Forgot About Mattycollector’s March Early Access”

  1. When early access first opened this morning, Teela, Jitsu, and Granamyr were available for a couple of minutes. It seemed like it was going to be an early access to forget, but it was not at all for the lucky few who were there right when it opened.

  2. Interesting – I’ll have to try harder to remember to log in to Early Access asap next month. I’d probably buy another Jitsu if I had the chance. Thanks for the heads up!

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