Marvel Legends Thanos Wave – Batroc, Spider-Woman and Thanos

Although Amazon has moved up its delivery timeframe on the Marvel Legends Avengers Infinite Series, the Thanos wave still isn’t due to ship until late March / early April. I was lucky enough to be in Hong Kong, and even more fortunate that my wife convinced me to stop in the Toys R Us at the Ocean Terminal on our last day there. And even though I had a pre-order already, I couldn’t stop myself from picking up Batroc the Leaper and Spider-Woman.

The packaging took a bit of a beating, having been packed hastily in our check-in luggage at the last minute. It’s the standard Legends packaging, with the character art moved from the front and back that allows a standard cardback size for all the figures in the wave. On the back, that art has been replaced by pics of the figures, while the art now adorns the side panels in grayscale.

One thing to note – my Spider-Woman’s right hand was pressed up against the clear plastic, leading to some awkwardly bent fingers. They straightened out easily enough once she was removed from the packaging.

Batroc was one of my most anticipated of the “lost” Legends figures, and I’m so psyched he finally made it out this wave. He’s built on the Bucky Cap body, which I think works well for the character, and essentially is just a new head on that base. And what a great head he has! The mustache is soft and malleable, so twirl away, evil Frenchman!

I have the earlier Marvel Legends Spider-Woman from the Toy Biz MODOK wave back at home, but even without the two to compare side by side, I am sure this new one is vastly superior. The Moonstone base body is appropriately curvy for Jessica Drew, and this time around her headsculpt wasn’t misshapen coming out of production. She turned out extremely pretty – maybe the best looking head in the Hasbro Legends line so far.

And while it’s taken a couple of iterations (Black Bolt comes to mind), Hasbro has come up with a pretty decent solution for under-arm wings – sockets on the insides of the biceps where different wings can plug in. Her wings are translucent and are molded to hug her torso in both sizes, and they take back-lighting very well.

One thing she does have in common with the Toy Biz Spider-Woman is over-sized hands, with awkwardly long fingers. The hands accommodate a swivel and disc articulation which causes the large size – I think fists would always be the better choice.

With just two out of six figures in the wave, I only had part of the Thanos build-a-figure. Batroc comes with the torso, and Spider-Woman (and Hellcat) comes with the head and left arm. Still, that gave me enough to shoot some pics of the big bad – he looks appropriately menacing even with one arm and both legs missing!

I have the Marvel Select Thanos at home – just by eyeballing it I think this BAF will be significantly smaller. I think he’ll still be a full head taller than Legends built on the Bucky Cap body, but I’m not sure how he’ll stand up to the Hulk, Thor, and the Wrecking Crew. I actually think that puts him at just the right size, as the MS Thanos is a great stand-in for Legends but is really too big.

I’m not sure where the extra costume details come from – and while it will be a matter of taste, I think he’s a pretty decent alternative to the MS figure even for a classic comic book look.

When I last checked, the Marvel Legends Thanos wave is still available individually for pre-order at Amazon, which I think is your best bet for either cherry-picking or getting the Thanos BAF without having to double up. I can’t wait to get these guys home so I can take more pics with my Legends collection.

You have not seen the last of... BATROC ZEE LEEPAIR! [/mustache twirl]
You have not seen the last of… BATROC ZEE LEEPAIR! [/mustache twirl]

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  1. Spider woman has always been my favourite marvel superheroine to see captured over and over again! Hence the classic bondage covers of the 70’s comic book series

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