Weekend Toy Run: Star Wars Black Series Emperor Palpatine Wave at Amazon

Star Wars Black Series Emperor Palpatine wave

The latest wave of Star War Black Series 6-inch figures is up for pre-order individually at Amazon. This is great for folks who may want to pick and choose who they’re getting from the wave.¬†Each is $22.99 and qualify for Prime 2-day shipping.

For Prequel fans, you can never have enough Clone Troopers. Original Trilogy fans will want to pick up Emperor Palpatine. And Luke and Han are great for army builders since they can wear their Stormtrooper helmets – but don’t be disappointed that Luke isn’t a little short to be a Stormtrooper. I’m sure customizers will figure out how to fix that easily enough.

Big thanks to our friend Rodney for giving us the heads-up!