Marvel Legends EU Disney Store Exclusive Avengers 5-Pack – High Res Pics

Marvel Legends EU Disney Store exclusive - package

A short while ago we came across an Instagram post of this Avengers-themed Marvel Legends 5-pack. With the Disney Store marking, we learned it was to be exclusive to the retail chain, but only in the European Union stores. Since the exclusive is comprised of re-issued figures, its exclusivity outside the United States wouldn’t raise much interest or concern. However, keen observers noted that a new interchangeable head for Tony Stark was included with Iron Man. Hard to imagine that the smallest piece in this pack could be the most sought after, but stranger things have happened.

Hasbro has shared high res pics of the set with us.

The Bleeding Edge Iron Man and Ultron were originally part of the Iron Man Legends line that came out in 2013. Iron Man was part of the first series. Ultron, who gets a more metallic deco in this set, was part of the second. The McGuinness Hulk was part of the Marvel Legends 2-packs (with Valkyrie) from way back in 2010. These were some of the last Legends Hasbro produced before putting the line on hiatus. Thor was part of the line dubbed (Return of) Marvel Legends, which corresponded with the end of that hiatus. And the Marvel Now! Captain America was from just last year, after Hasbro rebranded the Legends lines with the movies, with the Cap-themed Mandroid Build-a-Figure wave.

Finally, here’s the Instagram post (which I subsequently tweeted) that brought this to our attention:

14 thoughts on “Marvel Legends EU Disney Store Exclusive Avengers 5-Pack – High Res Pics”

  1. kinda like the more simplified colors on the Thor also… but that hulk? seems odd with the other figures… but OK…

  2. None of the rest matter to me, but why Hasbro had to punish faithful collectors by making the new Stark head and much better colored Ultron literally the hardest items in this line to get is beyond me. This should have been a worldwide distributed pack, in Walmart, Target, TRU and every other major chain. Save the exclusives for figures few people want.

  3. What the hell hasbro? you barely released 3 series of ML last year and this year you are shoving me almost 6 series of figures plus all the multipacks! My wallet can’t take this!

  4. Danilo Raul, compa, lo único nuevo en este pack es la “Tony’s head”. Todas las demás figuras, en algún momento salieron a la venta… Por eso, no me entusiasma mucho.

  5. Squeezeplay

    I’ve to admit I was amused by your comment complaining about how scandalous it was that this set won’t be released at US stores. Do you know how many Marvel Legends figures (or Marvel Universe figures  for that matter… and don’t even get me started on G.I. Joe) we usually get in Europe? NONE, zero, nada, nothing… I basically have to import everything! But oh the outcry when a set of basically re-packaged figures won’t be released in the States for once. I for one won’t even buy this package, as I already have all of these figures loose and care little about an extra head and some slight color variation.

  6. littlewolvie Squeezeplay I made no claims about whether you not getting other ML is an injustice or not. In fact, I firmly side with you on this issue. What I did was decry the fact that the Euro-exclusive set contains stuff that is not easily available in the US. If I had my way everyone would get everything everywhere. That was not my issue. My issue was the fact that Hasbro is falling into the same trap that they and other companies have always fallen into. Release something that everyone wants in as small a venue as possible. As if they intend to not take our money so they can end ML for good claiming that we didn’t support them enough. *cough Mattel cough*

    Just because one thing is true does not make the other untrue. You may notice that you don’t see me posting hardly anywhere, despite the fact that I’ve been collecting online for over 12 years now. So don’t look at one comment I posted here out of forever and try to deduce my stance on your situation when I didn’t give you any evidence to go on.

  7. I’d also like to point out that I’m willing to trade htf non-Euro-exclusive MLs and other stuff to people in Europe for this Ultron and the Stark head. And the same with people who can get the GotG and other expensive exclusive sets.

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