Weekend Toy Run: Funko Legacy Game of Thrones on Sale – Today Only

Funko Legacy Game of Thrones 1-day sale

Are you ready for the Game of Thrones season 5 premiere this weekend? Entertainment Earth wants to make sure, offering 15% off of the Funko Legacy Game of Thrones figures, just for today. There’s eleven figures on sale, including all but the Hound from wave 1, so it’s a great time to fill those missing gaps in your collection. Most of the figures are armored up and ready to fight. As usual, poor Ned Stark is one of the exceptions – this guy just can’t catch a break.

[Update: @abuddah tweeted that most of the Game of Thrones figures are cheaper on Amazon. Thanks, Andy!]

Of course, if you need someone to push around Arya Stark or get thrashed by Brienne of Tarth, you can pick up the Hound at Amazon. And if you’re a full-on completionist, you can pick up the exclusive SDCC glow-in-the-dark White Walker from last year and the exclusive Walgreens Tyrion Lannister, both in the aftermarket on eBay but not that pricey. Valar morghulis, and happy shopping!

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