DC Direct July Solicitations – Arkham Asylum Series 2


DC Direct just announced their Batman: Arkham Asylum line last month, but they’re immediately back again with series 2, due out in February next year. Series 2 adds fan favorite villains Poison Ivy, Victor Zsasz, and Bane, as well as the armored-suited Batman from the Arkham Asylum Challenges.

That’s not all. DC Direct is also introducing an All-Star Superman figure set with a new Bizarro, as well as a bunch of busts and statues.

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DC Direct June Solicitations

It’s a big day for action figures from DC – earlier, we had Mattel reveal wave 15 from DC Universe Classics, and here, DC Direct is revealing its action figure line for Batman: Arkham Asylum. Wow! It’s going to be a long wait until January.


It’s a madhouse … and the lunatics are running the asylum!

After arriving on Arkham Island, Batman is greeted by Warden Sharp and security personnel. Although The Joker is securely strapped to a handcart for transfer to the deepest bowels of Arkham, he escapes nonetheless. This is going to be the worst night of Batman’s life. With The Joker free, inciting unrest among the inmates, Batman faces a riot from a cadre of Gotham City’s most wanted: killers and psychopaths who are screaming for vengeance and out for blood. Batman’s blood. His mission? Stop The Joker – and his accomplices – at all costs.

Welcome to the asylum. Arkham Asylum.

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BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES are based on the game designs of the “Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever.”

  • The Joker with Scarface – 6.7” h (The Joker), 2” h (Scarface)
  • Scarecrow – 6” h
  • Batman – 6.75” h
  • Harley Quinn – 6.5” h

All four figures feature multiple points of articulation and include a display base. Character-appropriate accessories are also included. 4-color clamshell blister card packaging.

On Sale January 12, 2011 * Action Figures * PI

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DC Direct to Announce Batman: Arkham Asylum Figures in Toyfare #156

DC Direct's Batman: Black and White Statue for Batman: Arkham Asylum

Fans of the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game have been clamoring for action figures, and DC Direct is stepping up to the plate. According to Previews, Toyfare #156, on newsstands on June 9, will reveal DC Direct’s upcoming line of Arkham Asylum toys.

At DC Direct’s show room at Toy Fair (the event in January, not the magazine), Jim Fletcher told us that they used the 3D materials from Rocksteady to produce their Arkham Asylum Bats in their Black and White statue line. So I’m confident that the figures will be look great – I’m just wondering how much articulation they’ll put into the figures. I hope it has as much as the awesome Arkham Asylum Batman custom by DoubleDealer.


Heads up, game boys and virtual girls. The only thing better than toys and video games are toys based on video games, and ToyFare #156 is packed with all three! Get ready for the sequel to the best comic book video game of all time as we go inside DC Direct’s red-hot new toy line based on Batman: Askham Asylum. New figures will make their world debut and Arkham Asylum Batman will appear on one of our covers.

Then, get a sneak peek at some of 2010’s hottest video games and hottest video game toys, featuring companies like NECA, DC Unlimited, Square Enix and more. One of the coolest video game collectibles of all time–the insanely detailed Gears of War bust from TriForce–appears on our second cover.

All this, plus new toys in Incoming, Big Shots and, in Twisted ToyFare, it’s the long-awaited return of Mego Spider-Man! It’s been over a year since he graced our pages…who knows what kind of craziness he’s going to get himself into now.

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