DC Universe Classics Arkham Asylum Batman – 2dtoys

As a customizer myself, I’m not usually one to hit eBay looking for custom action figures.  But every once in a while, a truly exceptional piece gets put up for sale.

This one is a Batman from the Arkham Asylum video game, by DoubleDealer of 2dtoys fame.  It uses a DC Universe Classics base, but that’s really not doing the figure justice – every element of the figure has been sculpted or textured, including a truly magnificent original head sculpt.

Arkham Asylum Batman 1Arkham Asylum Batman 2Arkham Asylum Batman 3Arkham Asylum Batman 4

Batman is made in the DC Universe style standing 6 inches tall with 26 points of articulation. His unique costume in the video game was painstakingly recreated in remarkable detail. You might not see it in the photographs but he even has that unique texture all over his suit. It also features a new accurate head professionally sculpted from scratch. Even after the extensive full body sculpting, this figure is still fully poseable.

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  1. This is amazing work and I would love to have him. But, I checked him out on eBay and he is WAY out of my tax bracket! I hope they ( Mattel or DCD) eventually make figs based on this game. Those would be phenomenal.

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