DC Universe Classics Wave 15 and Target Exclusive Justice League Unlimited Reveals

Update: larger images for DC Universe Classics wave 15!

DCUC 15 - Batman (Sinestro Corps)DCUC 15 - Golden PharaohDCUC 15 - JemmDCUC 15 - Martian Manhunter (alien)DCUC 15 - Martian Manhunter (normal)DCUC 15 - OMACDCUC 15 - Raven (Fan's Choice)DCUC 15 - Starman (classic)DCUC 15 - Starman (modern)DCUC 15 - Validus

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A couple of days ago we posted a lineup for DC Universe Classics wave 15 we saw at an online retailer. Today, Mattel posted some pics of wave 15 confirming the lineup, as well as revealing upcoming JLU singles that are exclusive to Target.

Legion of Super-Heroes villain Validus is the Collect and Connect figure for wave 15. What are your thoughts and reactions?

First Official Look at DCU Wave 15 and Fall JLU Singles


Oh DCU, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways… let’s see, Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3… Wave 15! Yep, Wave 15 is coming to retailers late this summer. You’ll find these figures first at Kmart in late August/early September, then retailers everywhere in the fall. Collect all seven figures and you’ll have everything you need to create a villainous Validus Collect and Connect™ figure!

DCU Wave 15

  • Golden Pharaoh — Complete your “Super Powers” collection! Golden Pharaoh is armed with his Pyramid Power staff and rocks a  transparent purple torso and collar.
  • Classic Starman –Traditional version of Starman is well equipped with his Cosmic Rod and a Stellar Energy Pistol. Celestial crime fighting was never so much fun!
  • Modern Starman — The updated version of Starman lands with his trusty Cosmic Rod and features contemporary translucent parts.
  • OMAC — He’s not bad, he’s just built that way! Cyborg OMAC is rendered in dramatic detail in his first outing as an action figure.
  • Martian Manhunter — Two versions will be released, so it’ll be your turn to hunt the hunter for both the standard figure and the hard-to-find chase version with Martian head and “weapon” hand!
  • Raven — Stunning and smart, the Fan’s Choice winner comes to life as a magnificent action figure.
  • Sinestro Corps Batman — Commemorating his near-indoctrination into the dark side, our hero comes with a transparent Batarang ring construct.
  • Jemm – We’re fairly certain the Injustice Gang has their eye on MattyCollector.com as the Son of Saturn gets ready to make his first-ever appearance as an action figure.
  • Validus — Collect all 7 figures above to create this fearsome 9” Collect and Connect™ figure! Validus arrives with a crystal-clear head dome to reveal his heinously huge brain.

And since we’re on a roll counting ways we dig DCU, let’s talk about the five JLU singles coming to a Target store near you later this year:

JLU Target Singles

  • Future JLU Superman with Starro Spore — In a double dose of firsts, this release will mark the initial availability of an all-new figure, plus it includes fan-favorite Starro Spore as a never-before-offered accessory!
  • Barry Allan as The Flash with Lightning Bolt — It’s the first time this figure is offered, so you’ll want to catch him before he’s gone in a… well, you know…
  • Power Ring — Evil twins everywhere will rejoice when Power Ring joins their ranks for the first time as an action figure. Features a giant green hand construct.
  • Batman Beyond with Batarang — Available for the first time as a single, Batman is ready to battle the bad guys when stocked with this staple from his arsenal.
  • Mr. Terrific — Also making his big debut as a single, the ever-present T-spheres have been completely redesigned.

When we get more information on release dates, we’ll let you know when you can expect to find these DCU must-haves. Until then, happy hunting!

— Matty

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8 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Wave 15 and Target Exclusive Justice League Unlimited Reveals”

  1. The only one I’d get from this head is the Martian, and the regular one at the night. The rest of the single figures are just kind of *meh*, and that Dragonball Z c&c isn’t doing enough to convince me to buy the entire wave on impulse.

  2. wowww validus is one of the giants on dc its a villain chemo giganta solomon and validus are the giants xD on villains i had seen it on little and pvc but woow these one its great

  3. the martian only xD these wave its catch it all many of them its the frist time done in these size and one never done in any size … time to buy all

  4. After the Deadshot and Martian Manhunter waves of JLU figures, we have yet another piss poor wave of JLU figures. Once again there’s only new figure worth buying; in the Spring it was Deadshot, last wave it was Martian Manhunter, and this time it’s future Superman with Starro.

    Many fans of the DCAU have been waiting a long time to see this version of Superman get a figure, so it’s a long overdue treat to finally see this one get released. I would have liked to see sculpting for the blocks on his arms and legs, but I’m not complaining. I’m just happy we’re getting him. The Starro figure looks great, very very good job Mattel. Hopefully the rest of the future JLU are on the way.

    I’m sorry but a Bat-a-Rang and T-Spheres do not make me want to buy another Batman Beyond and Mr. Terrific respectively. Couldn’t you have released another member of the future JLU or expanded Justice League in their respective spots? Even the show accurate Red Tornado and Zatanna figures could have been released instead.

    And here we go again with the dreaded non-show characters. There’s no need to relaese Barry Allen/Flash and Power Ring because they didn’t appear on the show. Therefore they don’t deserve to be made as figures. And the description above for this Flash says “so you’ll want to catch him before he’s gone in a… well, you know…”. Yeah at Big Lots for a discounted price of $2.00, no one wants them except a few loud fans on the AFI boards. There were a lot of other characters who actually appeared in the show that could have been made instead.

    Mattel please make a wave of figures with less non-show or comic accurate characters and more show accurate and/or new to the line characters that acctually appeared in the show. The Aquaman wave was great!

  5. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Sinestro Corps Batman and Raven…the rest are kinda *meh* except for the fact that you get to make Validus.

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