Mego-Styled Lost Figures Available for Pre-Order

The upcoming Mego-styled Lost figures from Bif Bang Pow! are available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. Series 1 will feature Ben and Kate, and Series 2 will feature Hurley and Locke.  Both sets should be available in August.

I wonder how the retro vibe will work for Lost fans. While there’s time travel in the show, I don’t know if that translates into broad appeal for retro collectibles from the show. In contrast, I am starting to see how it makes sense for a license like Venture Bros., where retro is part of the show’s basic makeup.

Bif Bang Pow! Venture Bros. Figures will be Mego-Styled

In a broad announcement yesterday, Bif Bang Pow! announced that it will be partnering with EMCE Toys to produce retro-styled action figures across its licenses, including the Venture Bros.  EMCE Toys makes licensed reproductions of the original Mego toys and packaging, and also creates new toys based on the style of toys in the ’70s and ’80s.  EMCE was cofounded by Paul “Dr. Mego” Clarke, and is also currently working with Mattel on their Retro-Action DC Super Heroes line.

For those keeping track, the first wave of the Venture Bros. line was revealed in an Adult Swim Bump – it will include Dr. Venture, Brock, the Monarch, Hank, and Dean.

I asked Jason Lenzi from Bif Bang Pow! if they plan to produce Venture Bros. figures in other styles, and he said that it will depend on the support the line gets.  The concept as discussed with Venture Bros. creator Jackson Publick at San Diego Comic-Con last year was for figures with a “retro” vibe, as that would fit best with the show.  But they’re keeping their options open.  Lenzi says, “we’ve got the license for a long time, and fully plan on exploring all scales of action figures. Including vehicles! Stay tuned!!”

We should have plenty of pics of the prototypes when we hit up Toy Fair in a couple of weeks.

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Toy Fare Article on Bif Bang Pow! Venture Bros. Action Figures and Wave 1 Revealed?

Last week’s Toy Fare #151 included an article on the upcoming Venture Bros. action figures and bobble heads from Bif Bang Pow!  Owner Jason Lenzi has it reprinted on the BBP blog, and I wanted to share it with you.

This morning, poster Jr. on RTM’s Toy Buzz posted seeing an Adult Swim Bump revealing that wave 1 of the action figures would include Hank, Dean, Rusty, Brock, and the Monarch.  This is a bit at odds with what Lenzi said in the Toy Fare interview about mixing in obscure characters, so I’ll look for some confirmation on this.

If Venture has a name, it must be Bif Bang Pow!

You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to use that tag line.

Greetings and salutations to all Bif Bang Pow! followers and believers of all shapes, ages and sizes! Well, as you’ve probably heard by now, we did it! Once again, we’re bringing the people what we KNEW they always needed, toys for ‘The Venture Brothers’! (If this keeps up, we’ll finally give the world the James Bond action figure and vehicle line it’s been dreaming of).

And just to prove this isn’t some internet rumor, we even went as far as having the news printed in a magazine! Yes, the new issue of action figure bible Toy Fare Magazine hit the stands today (Issue #151), and in it you’ll find an informative, witty and at times heartwarming interview with yours truly, which somehow manages to make me seem like I know what I’m talking about too! Pick it up, I dare ya, and see if I’m lying! Go on!

Truthfully, we have to admit to a bit of satisfaction when the news first broke, because for the first time in a long time, it was broken by a magazine. Not a website, not a blog, but a good old fashioned magazine, the way it used to be. And isn’t that what we’re all aiming for anyway? To take things back to the way they used to be? To have cool toys, for properties you never thought would get ’em, to get scoops from our ‘secret handshake’ magazines, and to be knocked out by season ending cliffhangers without spoilers? The world moves awfully fast, as someone smarter than me once said, and we here at Bif Bang Pow! recognize that. So we take our time, play it cool, and then try and knock you out. Please, won’t you join us on this AdVenture? It’s gonna be sooooo cool….

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Venture Brothers Bobble Heads and Figures Coming Soon from Bif Bang Pow!

I’ve loved the Venture Bros. for a while, but it wasn’t until Doubledealer made not one, but two custom figures of Brock Samson that I wanted action figures from the show.  Looks like I won’t have to wait too much longer.  Big Bang Pow! has been awarded the Venture Bros. license, and should have bobble heads in the spring and action figures in the summer.


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Bif Bang Pow Announces 7 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives from Dexter, The Big Lebowski, and Flash Gordon

I’d not heard of Bif Bang Pow! before.  They’ve got an interesting mix of licensed properties.

Bif Bang Pow! Explodes at Comic-Con!

Manufacturer Showcases 7 San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) Exclusives from Dexter™, The Big Lebowski™, and Flash Gordon™

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 16, 2009) – Comic-Con International celebrates its 40th anniversary, and Bif Bang Pow!’s booming line of collectibles from Dexter™, The Big Lebowski™, and Flash Gordon™ explodes at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2009 with the unveiling of seven brand-new, limited edition, SDCC Exclusive action figures… plus bobble head product debuts from The Twilight Zone™ that add to the buzz. Available only at the Entertainment Earth® booth #2343. Prices include sales tax, and perperson limits may apply at the show.

  • Dexter™ Based on season 2 of the hit series, this 7-inch tall SDCC Exclusive Dexter™ The Dark Defender Action Figure gives the good guy / bad guy a new look, complete with knife, cloth cloak, blood slide, and display base. His sculpt is personally approved by actor Michael C. Hall. ($22)
  • The Big Lebowski™ From one of the most quoted films of all time, Bif Bang Pow! presents three new releases for achievers and Dude fans everywhere! Don’t miss the SDCC Exclusive talking Jesus, The Stranger, and Donny figures that speak phrases from the film. Each stands about 8-inches tall and comes with an awesome array of personalized accessories and a bowling alley display base. Limited edition of 1,800 pieces (Jesus) and 1,200 pieces (The Stranger, Donny). ($25 each)
  • Alex Ross / Flash Gordon™ These SDCC Exclusives stand about 7-inches tall and highlight designs by the famed Alex Ross. Choose from Ming’s dead henchman Klytus with protruding eyes and tongue, Prince Barin after his battle with Flash, and Dale in a white gown that’s sure to catch our hero’s eye. Limited edition of 1,200 pieces each. ($20 each)
  • The Twilight Zone™ Product Debut! “You’re traveling through another dimension…” Based on memorable episodes from the iconic TV series, the authentically detailed Invader Bobble Head and Mystic Seer Bobble Head will transport you to the boundaries of imagination. The Invader stands 6 1/2-inches tall, while Mystic Seer measures 8-inches and includes fortune-telling cards. ($14 each)

“As Comic-Con International celebrates its 40th anniversary, Bif Bang Pow! is adding to the festivities by commemorating the 75th birthday of Flash Gordon™ and the 50th anniversary of The Twilight Zone™ with one-of-a-kind convention exclusives and first-look debuts based on these and other popular properties like Dexter™ and The Big Lebowski™,” said Jason Lenzi, CEO of Bif Bang Pow! “We’re proud to be a part of Comic-Con again this year and to make SDCC the venue for these electrifying new releases. Expect more of the unexpected from Bif Bang Pow!”

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