Blind Mouse Toys Launches with Judge Dredd Vinyl Penguin

Dredd-Penguin DreddPromo#2 DreddPromo#3

If you’re a fan of urban vinyl figures, penguins, Judge Dredd, or all of the above, this product announcement I got from newcomer Blind Mouse Toys might be of interest. Blind Mouse is utilizing the services of Joe Amaro and Eamon O’Donoghue for sculpt / paint and packaging art respectively – both have a strong following in the Masters of the Universe collector community.

They also have a Stargate SG-1 penguin listed on the Blind Mouse Toys website, but both are listed with June 24 release dates and a sold out status – but I don’t know if that just means they haven’t been put up for pre-order yet. They also have placeholders for DC Superheroes and Harry Potter, so I guess there’s more to come.

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