DC Collectibles Exclusives from SDCC 2013 and More on Sale at Graphitti Designs

DC Collectibles let us know that some of its exclusives from San Diego Comic-Con are on sale now at Graphitti Designs. I checked it out and found not only the SDCC exclusives like the Green Lantern 3.75-inch 4-pack, but the Guy Gardner / Larfleeze 2-pack that was from WonderCon and C2E2, and the John Stewart / Atrocitus 2-pack from last year’s New York Comic Con.

Graphitti uses a two step approach for its exclusives at the shows. First you wait in a line, usually somewhere off the main floor, to draw a random ticket from a bag, just for a wristband. You can re-line up if you don’t get pull the right color ticket, but it generally takes a few tries and that eats up a lot of time. Once you have a wristband, you can go wait in line at the Graphitti booth – but there’s usually a line of people just buying regular stuff like their t-shirts. It’s nice to know there’s usually exclusives left-over that you can get online, because even with shipping it’s a lot better than wasting time in line during the shows.


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