DC Collectibles Exclusives from SDCC 2013 and More on Sale at Graphitti Designs

DC Collectibles let us know that some of its exclusives from San Diego Comic-Con are on sale now at Graphitti Designs. I checked it out and found not only the SDCC exclusives like the Green Lantern 3.75-inch 4-pack, but the Guy Gardner / Larfleeze 2-pack that was from WonderCon and C2E2, and the John Stewart / Atrocitus 2-pack from last year’s New York Comic Con.

Graphitti uses a two step approach for its exclusives at the shows. First you wait in a line, usually somewhere off the main floor, to draw a random ticket from a bag, just for a wristband. You can re-line up if you don’t get pull the right color ticket, but it generally takes a few tries and that eats up a lot of time. Once you have a wristband, you can go wait in line at the Graphitti booth – but there’s usually a line of people just buying regular stuff like their t-shirts. It’s nice to know there’s usually exclusives left-over that you can get online, because even with shipping it’s a lot better than wasting time in line during the shows.


C2E2 2013 Photo Report

Once again this year I made the trek to the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo in Chicago, Illinois. Below is a sampling of the cool and not so cool stuff that can be found there.  Some of the highlights were the new area just for indie artists called “The Block”, and the awesome display of graded vintage Star Wars toys at the “Vintage Toys & Pop Culture Auction.”

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