DC Universe Classics 8 Preview (AFTimes.com)

Mr. Terrific, Hawkgirl, and Giganta C&C piece
Mr. Terrific, Hawkgirl, and Giganta C&C piece

DCUC Series 8a !!!!!  One of the real joys of my job here is that I have the opportunity to present new toys to you all. It’s something I’ve felt is a true priveledge, especially since at the end of the day I’m just a fan & collector like everone reading this. Series 8a arrived, and I’m really amazed how Mattel & the Horsemen crank up the intensity & quality with each new wave. Series 7 marked a noticeable improvement in paint & quality control, series 8 is even better. Get a peek at what’s coming down the pipe in the very near future: you will notice that Gentlemen Ghost (not pictured) includes a mini figure of Atom, just because 🙂

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TheFwoosh.com – Top Ten Character Polls

A couple of times each year, TheFwoosh.com holds a series of fan polls for the most wanted characters across several toy lines.

Well Fwoosh Fans, February always brings exciting times to action figure fans and this past month’s big events, New York Comic Con and Toy Fair did not dissappoint- there was a bevy of new announcements and new figures shown off for our wallets sigh. You know what that means on the Fwoosh. After we’ve seen all the plasticy goodness revealed this past month…

… it means it’s once again time for TOP TEN MADNESS!

Like last year, we’ll host simultaneous votes for your favorite Fwoosh flavors with some new categories making their debut this time:

Also keep in mind, to Vote you must have been born in the Fwoosh, or pass the Fwoosh Citizenship test (that means you have to be a registered member). This past year taught us how important your voice can be so do your part as a Fwoosh citizen and get out there and vote!

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