Upcoming Mattycollector.com Release Dates (Facebook)

Mattel has updated its release schedule for the MattyCollector.com products.  I think the only change is the Earth-3 Alex Luthor / Ultraman two pack – many expected it to be available on 4/15, following the Adam Strange / Starfire two-pack by a quarter.


Quick update everyone, here are current release dates for the next few items on Mattycollector.com:

Mer-Man – 4 /15

We will likely sell out of Mer-Man on day 1, but we have a second batch coming in which should go on sale about 4/23

Zodac – 5/15

LOSH JLU 4 pack – 5/15

Hordak – 6/15

Alex Luthor/Ultraman two pack – 6/15

Man-At Arms 7/15

We are also trying to get some of the new CARS items up by 7/1 and are working hard with the CARS team on some cool surprises. More information as soon as it is available!


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DC Universe Big Barda and DCD Dr. Sivana and Mr. Mind

When I got my set of DC Universe Classics wave 7 (carded | loose), it came with the Big Barda variant.  I dig chicks in helmets who could break me in half, so I picked up the regular version.  My DCUC7 set also included modern Booster Gold, who comes with a Skeet who flips open to reveal Mr. Mind.  That prompted me to pick up a DCD Dr. Sivana, who also comes with Mr. Mind as an accessory. 

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Adam Strange (classic)

Adam Strange (classic)
Adam Strange (classic)

When Mattel first announced the DC Universe Classics 2-pack of Adam Strange and Starfire, I was pretty psyched. You see, I’m a big fan of  Cosmic Odyssey – in that comic, those two characters team up with Lightray of the New Gods to fight an aspect of the Anti-Life Entity. Adam Strange’s adopted planet, Rann, the Earth, and the rest of the universe are at stake! (I can’t believe how nerdy I sound.)

Then, when Mattel revealed that Strange and Starfire would be in their modern day costumes, I was crushed. Starfire’s close enough, but Strange? I knew I would have to do something about that.

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Mattel Announces San Diego Comic Con 2009 Exclusives (Facebook)

SDCC 2009 DC Universe Classics Wonder Twins - Zan, Jayna, and Gleek
DC Universe Classics - Zan, Jayna, and Gleek

Mattel has announced their lineup of exclusives for San Diego Comic Con 2009 on their Facebook page for MattyCollector.com.

  • DC Universe Classics – Wonder Twins 2 pack

Unless this is an elaborate April Fool’s Day hoax, the heavily rumored 2-pack of Zan and Jayna is coming, with a Gleek pack-in plus a number of fitting accessories.  I’m sure there are many Super Friends fans who are rejoicing, while comic purists are cursing the cruel world.

  • Masters of the Universe – Classics He-Ro
  • DC Universe Infinite Heroes – Anti-Monitor (free with points and raffle for 30-inch figure)
  • Justice League Unlimited – Green Lantern Origins 3 pack – Abin Sur, Hal Jordan, and Sinestro 

This JLU Hal Jordan is probably not the one you were hoping for, but Mattel did note that both Abin Sur and Sinestro’s heads were removable!

  • Ghostbusters – Dr. Egon Spengler and Slimer

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