Check Out These DesignerCon 2013 Custom Marvel Exclusives

Doctor Doom (Fuller Designs) Magneto (Fuller Designs) Uncanny X-Force (F1SHCUSTOMS)

Since DCon is comprised of a lot of independent artists and designers, there are a ton of exclusives available for the show this weekend. Here’s a couple that interested me as a Marvel fan.

We’ve thought about going the past couple of years, but it hasn’t quite worked out. One of these days…

DesignerCon 2013 Weekend Alert


DesignerCon is being held this weekend in Pasadena, CA, at the Pasadena Convention Center. DCon is an annual art and design convention that is basically a mash up of collectible toys and designer apparel, along with with urban, underground and pop art… including skate decks, original art and custom toys.

Example of cool collectible?

Fuller Designs – see his Spider-Man Minicel, Mysterio Minicel, and Ghost Rider Minicel – each OOAK and available for $125. That said, you might have wished to get Fuller Designs’ OTHER collectible – his Trick R Treat villains – Joker, Red Skull, Dr Doom and Loki. These were super cool bad guys hand-made resin pieces, using Fuller Designs’ own Lil’ Jammie design, hand-painted with acrylic and airbrush paints, and came with their own little pumpkin full of goodies… I said “came” cuz they’re all SOLD OUT, but are really worth a look.

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