Play Imaginative Super Alloy Batman (Special Edition)

I had never heard of Play Imaginative, but was very intrigued when the Super Alloy Batman was announced as an exclusive for the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention that was held at the start of the month. You see, as much as I’ve been a fan of the Nolan-verse Batman and Hot Toys with their 1/6 scale Dark Knight figures, my love of Batman started in the comics. The Super Alloy Batman hits on a sweet spot for me – its design is comics-based, from legendary artist Jim Lee, and it’s super-articulated. Add to that the intriguing notion that much of the figure would be die cast metal, and I was hooked – I had to get one. The big question was, how would it stack up to Hot Toys, who in my view dominates the 1/6 scale for pop culture action figures.

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Play Imaginative Super Alloy Iron Man Spec Sheets

Update 9/6: Play Imaginative contacted me and requested that we remove the spec sheets – they are still developing the product and understandably do not want to have incorrect info in circulation, as that would impact their customers and licensors. Thanks for understanding!

At the Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention, Play Imaginative announced that they would be making the Iron Man Mark VII armor in their Super Alloy line, which is 1/6 scale, super articulated, and made out of a lot of die cast pieces. Searching for more information, I found what look like spec sheets on the Toysdaily forum. I don’t think anyone would dispute that Hot Toys dominates 1/6 scale Iron Man, but I’m really curious to see what Play Imaginative will do.

The spec sheets certainly look promising – 50 points of articulation (including individually articulated fingers), LED lights in the helmet, ARC reactor, and hands, and a Hall of Armor lighted magnetic base. I hope this will live up to expectations – I love Hot Toys, but having an alternative will generate the kind of competition that will make the products better.

Source: [新品消息] Playimaginative 超合金12吋鋼鐵人

STGCC 2012: Play Imaginative Super Alloy Batman

The Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention opened to the public today, and Jedd-the Jedi has sent in these images from the Play Imaginative booth. Play Imaginative recently announced their Super Alloy line of 1/6 figures – super articulated with a lot of diecast metal. Their first figure is the Jim Lee comic-styled Batman. For STGCC, they have a glossy exclusive that was available for pre-order and on the show floor. The broader release will have a matte finish.

Jedd also let us know that the next Super Alloy release will be the Marvel Iron Man Mark VII armor. Can’t wait to see it!

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Play Imaginative Super Alloy Batman is Coming to America

The fity points of articulation, Jim Lee-based, 1/6 scale Batman that I have been salivating over is on its way to the US via BigBadToyStore. The specs look identical to the one being offered as an exclusive at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention in early September, with the exception that this version has a matte finish, while the exclusive will be glossy. At 18.2 lbs. shipping, I can believe this behemoth is 85% die-cast metal.

You can pre-order the matte version of the Super Alloy Batman at BigBadToyStore for $269.99, due to arrive in September.

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Play Imaginative Super Alloy Batman – the 1/6 Batman You’ve Been Waiting For?

Hot Toys may have the 1/6 scale locked up when it comes to the Nolan-verse Dark Knight, but what about those of us looking for some comics-based Batman in this scale? Enter Play Imaginative, which is offering  just that – a 1/6 scale Batman featuring the New 52 Jim Lee design. The catch? As of now, this is an exclusive that is only available via pre-order and on the show floor of the upcoming Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2012, running the 1st and 2nd of September.

With 50 points of all the right kinds of articulation, a die-cast metal body, bat-accessories that can be gripped in fully-articulated hands and fingers, and a gargoyle base, this could be the start of something really special for Play Imaginative’s DC license (of which I’d really like more details). At 350 Singapore dollars (roughly $280 USD), this will be tempting.

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