ThreeA Toys TKLUB Two NAGE M.I.A Up For Pre-Order Today, 3AA-Only Isobelle Pascha Coming Soon

The second 3A Toys TKLUB figure, which was revealed about two weeks ago, is up for pre-order today. Available only to 3AA members, Nage M.I.A will be up on Bambaland for about 24 hours, starting at 9PM EST. This is the second of 3 figures you’ll have to get to get the special Mook (magazine / book?) for The Art of TK.


TKLUB #2 second release: NAGE M.I.A goes up for pre-order on May 9th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time for 120USD. TKLUB releases are for 3AA members only.

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ThreeA Toys Reveals TKLUB Two – NAGE M.I.A


3A Toys revealed the second of the Tomorrow Kings Klub figures – Nage M.I.A. Nage is also the second out of three TKs needed for the Art of TK Mook – I am guessing since it’s apparently not a typo that it’s a combo magazine / book.

I pre-ordered Oroshi 18, the first TKlub figure at the end of March, and will be going in for Nage when he goes on sale in early May. More details to come.

First of ThreeA Toys TKLUB Tomorrow Kings, Oroshi 18, Available for Pre-Order on 3/27

OROSHI1web tlklub2013

The first figure in the Tomorrow Kings Klub (aka TKLUB) will be available for pre-order in a week’s time. Assuming it opens up at 9AM Hong Kong time on 3/28, that means a 9PM EST time start in the US. Originally touted as a one strike and you’re out program – once you didn’t buy a figure you would not be able to buy any future club figures – eventually 3A loosened that with an incentive program.

The first incentive is an “Art of TK mook,” which I can only assume is a typo for book. To qualify for the book, you have to buy Oroshi 18 and two more figures – which ones are yet to be revealed. I think I’m in for Oroshi but will wait to see what comes next.

The TKLUB is for 3AA members only – I know a few folks who chose not to re-up this year, but forgot that one of the incentives to sign up for 3AA was this club. We’ll have to see what the order limits are – I know a lot of Legionnaires will want to help each other out, but this has the earmarks of a flipper’s paradise.

Three A Toys 3AA Membership On Sale Today at 8PM EST

3A Toys’ Gimbat posted a summary of the upcoming 3AA membership for 2013 – for the time-zone challenged, it goes on sale at 8PM EST later today. If you’re a fan of 3A, the membership is a great deal. Because 3A puts out high-end collectibles, they do get pricey. With the 15% discount that comes with membership, I’ve ended up saving more than the cost of the membership each of the past couple of years that I’ve been a part of the 3AA Legion. That’s not even including the value of the exclusive figure that comes with membership.

They’ve also teased a collector’s club for Tomorrow Kings. I think I’ll need more details on what that’s all about. With the cost of these figures, I don’t think I could sign up for anything that locks me into purchasing everything in a given line. Not unless I win the lottery.


During last days I answered on so many questions about 3AA 2013 and here is a quick summary, which covers everything and I hope that it’s going to help you guys. If you still have some questions / issues on your mind, please send your email to [email protected]

  • Sales date and place: January 15th, 9:00AM HK time at
  • Duration of the sale: 24 hours
  • Price: 180USD
  • What is included: , WWR Blanc Hunter NOM 1/6th scale figure, 3AA NOM T-shirt with bullet container, signed Blanc Hunter print, membership card with your name on it and 15% discount on everything at Bambalandstore and Gallery ThreeA stores for 12 months
  • On top of that: 5th year 3AA members will receive extra t-shirt and NOM prey box

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