ThreeA Toys “Stormtrooper” and More up for Pre-Order

3A Toys Tomorrow Kings Lost Warrior

3A Toys has a sales event underway, aptly named, “Do You Remember?” I can remember way back in 2011, when Ashley Wood was pitching his vision for new Star Wars toys from 3A. In an uncharacteristic fashion, their prototypes for Stormtrooper and Boba Fett were straight up renditions of the characters that were devoid of Wood’s unique style. Of course, this was before Hasbro launched the Star Wars Black Series, doing it themselves.

Among the items up for pre-order now are two Stormtroopers, re-envisioned as Tomorrow Kings in the 1/6 scale. They have helmets and blasters reminiscent of Star Wars, but the rest has got the unmistakable 3A style. Additionally, there are a few Popbot 1/6 scale characters and the Robo-Hunter Same Slade from 2000 A.D. in 1/12 scale up for pre-order at Bambaland.

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Toy Soul 2014 (Hong Kong): ThreeA Toys Booth Pics

3A Toys at Toy Soul 2014 (Hong Kong) 10

While we’re talking about 3A Toys, they recently shared pics of the 3A Toys booth at Toy Soul show in Hong Kong. I’ve reposted a few here, including their upcoming 1/12 scale Judge Death. It’s interesting that 2000 A.D. has a couple concurrent licensing deals. In addition to 3A, Mezco showed off their 1/12 scale Judge Dredd at NYCC. It’ll be interesting to see how much overlap there’ll be between the two licensees, both of whose figures I love.

All I can say is that neither company is making these figures fast enough for my liking, although the 3A Toys Judge Death does go up for pre-order next week. While it’s beautiful, I’m not sure if it’s a must-buy for me – I’m still plenty pleased with the Judge Death we got a few years ago in Legendary Comic Book Heroes from Marvel Toys (Toy Biz).

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ThreeA Toys Channels MEGO with New 3AGO Figures

ThreeA Toys has got an army of MEGO-inspired humanoids available for pre-order at Bambaland. For fans who missed out on earlier 1/6 and 1/12 scale releases, 3AGO has included some of the mainstays from the World War Robot and Tomorrow King universes in a new 8-inch format. The MEGO proportions really complement these figures, and at $45 a pop, they’re priced like their smaller 1/12 scale counterparts.

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Popbot Lasstranaut Headlines ThreeA Toys’ 3AA 2014 Membership Package

3A Toys Lasstranaut 3AA Membership Package 01

It’s that time of year again – 3A Toys is opening up its 3AA membership for the year. 3AA affords its members with a 15% discount on all 3A purchases, including those at conventions and shows. The membership also gives access to exclusive 3AA colorways for major releases, special KLUB-only releases (kind of like mini-subs with a bonus for buying each item in it), as well as a guaranteed order window for these exclusives.

The 3AA membership also includes a gorgeous package packed with artwork and loot from Ashley Wood – including the exclusive Lasstranaut from Wood’s Popbot universe. Lasstranaut is an extremely popular character for 3A enthusiasts, so I expect a good turnout from the Legionnaires – but those of you with more mainstream tastes will wonder why this female astronaut isn’t wearing pants. I have no idea on that, but understand that 3A is producing the figure with a new articulation setup that you can see on those legs – it’s an outer “skin” over an articulated armature.

The 3AA package is $200 , or $170 if you’re a current member. The sale starts on today at 8PM EST at Bambaland and will be available for 24 hours.

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WebSwipe: ThreeA Toys at the 7th ACG Comics & Games Expo

3A Toys Adventure Kartel Shit Got Real Fighting JC

3A Toys posted some pics of the ACG Comics & Games Expo, shared by some of the visitors to their booth. I’ve nabbed a handful of shots, but click through for the full album from Dennis Chau, Arman Yuen, Larry Hui, Edmond Tsoi, and Terence Tam.

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