Masters of the Universe Classics Moss Man and Stratos, The Dark Knight Scarecrow, and DC Universe Classics Wave 12 On Sale 3/15

It’s just over a week away, so be sure to mark your calendars, set your alarm clocks, and bookmark the all-in-one sales page. This sales date may turn out be just as crazy as February’s.  There’s no Battle Cat this time, but Mattel still managed to make something that is sure to attract a lot of traffic. When they decided to make the running change to unflock Moss Man’s ears, they managed to finish production on a very limited number of Moss Man figures with flocked ears.

Because this variant will be very rare, we’re sure to see the folks who would have preferred flocked ears, completists on the line, and Scalp-or wannabes storming the site on Monday the 15th. Even though I’ve got a Club Eternia subscription, I’m bummed because I may have to fight my way through anyways, to get a reissued Stratos – he’s the only one I’ve skipped so far.

3/15 Sale Reminder: Moss Man®, Stratos® & Scarecrow

Toy Fans,

A quick reminder that our next sale is coming up on Monday, March 15th! Click on our convenient “bundle” page and here are the figures you’ll find:

The sale starts at 12:00 noon Eastern (9:00am Pacific), so be sure to mark your calendar. I can also send you a reminder email, so if you haven’t registered yet, click here!


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