Mattel Provides More Details on San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Purchases

Mattel has provided an update on how exclusives will be sold at San Diego Comic-Con.  Gone are the stamps, and there’s no effective limit on how many you can buy if you want to keep circling the booth.  I’m not sure, but I think that means getting to the Mattel booth early is the best option.  In past years, some exclusives have lasted until the crowds have thinned on Sunday, but with Gleek-Mania sure to strike, and the no limits boon for scalpers, I am guessing it’ll be like watching the red screen on hoping for a quick refresh – until they sell out.

Any guesses on the mystery MOTU Classics item?

Hey gang,

Only a few short weeks left to SDCC and we could not be more excited.

The latest info on our exclusives is on including limits and which items will be sold online after the show. While the limit on most items is 6 per person, you can get back in line and buy an additional 6 units if you wait again. (and hey, if you want to spend all of SDCC waiting in line over and over, that is each fan’s choice!). But it will be 6 of each item per person per line wait. We will not be stamping badges except for the free 3 3/4″ Anti-Monitor.

MOTUC He-Ro - headshot.jpgMOTUC He-Ro 1.jpgMOTUC He-Ro 2.jpgDCUC Wonder Twins - Zan, Jayna, and Gleek.jpgform of.jpgshape of.jpgGleek.jpgform of 2.jpgDCUC Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna.jpg30-inch Anti-Monitor.jpgDCIH Anti-Monitor.jpgJLU Abin Sur.jpgJLU Hal Jordan.jpgJLU Sinestro.jpgGhostbusters Egon Spengler and Slimer.jpg

Speaking of which, here is a quick run down on how the Anti-Monitor program will work.

The 3 3/4″ version will be available for sale at our retail booth and online after the show for $10.00. But if you have Anti-Monitor points from the back of all Infinite Heroes figures, you can exchange them at the central kiosk in our marketing booth (not the retail booth) for a FREE 3 3/4″ figure. Each fan will be limited to one free figure and tickets will be stamped. (although additional 3 3/4″ figures, again, can be purchased at the retail booth).

In addition, for each 25 points you have (including the first 50) you will receive a raffle ticket for a 30″ Anti-Monitor. At least one 30″ hand painted hand made Anti Monitor will be raffled off at 2:30 each day. You do not need to be present to win, but if you do not claim your prize by the next days auction it will be re-auctioned off.

We’ll have a lot of other exciting events and signings from Mattel designers and the Four Horsemen as well as two fan panels on Friday. DC and Mattel – A Powerful Partnership will be at 11:00 in room 2 , and Mattypalooza featuring MOTUC and Ghostbusters will be at 2:00 in room 2.

And lastly, we have a really exciting Masters of the Universe item for sale only at SDCC that has yet to be announced. Look for more details in the next two weeks!


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