San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Masters of the Universe Classics He-Ro

SDCC Exclusive MOTU Classics He-Ro with Hordak
SDCC Exclusive MOTU Classics He-Ro with Hordak

Since the Mattel exclusives are going on sale tomorrow, I’ll try to get some quick hits up on the exclusives that I picked up.  Sometimes I get the fever to buy something, anything, and on big sales days, that fever can get me in a lot of trouble.  Maybe seeing some pics and hearing me ramble on will help you figure out whether you really want to buy something.

So, first up is the Masters of the Universe He-Ro.  I picked up the exclusive version at San Diego, and for a really great review, Veebee at did a pretty extensive look at it about a month and a half ago.  I’ll point out what’s different between the versions and why mine is so much better than his! 😉

MOTU Classics He-Ro - card.JPGMOTU Classics He-Ro - card back.JPG

He-Ro is packaged in the standard MOTU Classics packaging.  Mattel’s been talking about shipping upcoming figures with a white outer box for protection.  The SDCC one came with that, so perhaps those that will ship from Mattycollector will too.  The names revealed on the cardbacks have seemed to generate some controversy.  That kind of stuff doesn’t bother me, so I think that means I’m not a hardcore enough He-Man fan (or is that He-Fan?)  In any case, He-Ro’s name is… wait for it… Ro.  Mattel explained the name awhile back.

The cardback also reveals that Ro was infected with a techno-organic virus that he holds in check with his telekinesis.  I added the last part of that myself – I guess I still have the Marvel Universe on my mind.

MOTU Classics He-Ro.JPGMOTU Classics He-Ro - back.JPGMOTU Classics He-Ro - with red Spell Stone.JPGMOTU Classics He-Ro - closeup.JPG

The subject of He-Man’s sexual orientation has taken both serious and humorous turns.  If you’ve ever wondered whether He-Man was gay, you may have some more fun with He-Ro.  He’s got gold armor, much of which are unique sculpts for this figure, a baby blue power sword, and a huge staff adorned with a precious stone.  I sense some sexual tension between him and Hordak. 😉

There are three variants of the Spell Stone.  Veebee got the most common green stone of of Protection, while I lucked into the more rare red stone of Rage Defense.  I haven’t yet seen anyone with the most rare purple stone of Healing, but I haven’t been asking people to show me what their He-Ro is packing.

MOTU Classics He-Ro - without armor.JPGMOTU Classics He-Ro - without armor back.JPGMOTU Classics He-Ro - without armor closeup.JPGMOTU Classics He-Ro - with Power Sword.JPG

The chest plate and cape are removable.  On the sides below his armpits is where his armor snaps together.  There are 2 pegs on each side, and the armor was fitted so well that I wondered if it really was removable.  But I persevered, since it had been revealed before SDCC that the He-Ros sold there would have a tampo of the SDCC logo on his chest.  The ones on sale tomorrow on Mattycollector will have the plain chest underneath the armor, like VB’s.

Given that this is a PREternian figure that never saw action in the show or mini-comics, this may be an easy one for you to pass on, if you’re not sure.  I think though that we’re going to see a quick sell-out on him tomorrow, so if you have any interest, pick it up quickly.  I skipped on King Grayskull last year, thinking that I’d never have a place for it in my collection, but right now Hordak is all alone on my shelves.  He-Ro will help keep him company, but I am thinking about testing out the aftermarket to see how much getting Grayskull would set me back.  I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.

You can order He-Ro tomorrow starting at 9AM Pacific at – He-Ro™ Action Figure – good luck!