Bob Layton Card Art for Marvel Universe Secret Wars

secretwarssketches.jpgAs you may know, Hasbro has been working with Marvel’s top artists to create unique packaging for its Marvel Universe products.  Frank Cho drew all the card art for the first year’s five series of Marvel Universe.  Joe Quesada took on the Invaders and Captain America exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con.  And Mike Deodato is taking over the Marvel Universe main line for 2010, and those figures have been hitting in limited quantities already at local comic book stores and Toys R Us.

For the MU Secret Wars, with four series split over the latter half of this year and the first half of next, Hasbro recruited Bob Layton, the famed artist best known for his work on Iron Man.  Layton also happens to have worked on the Marvel Secret Wars comic book, and designed the original Secret Wars toy line for Mattel.  He’s had several pieces of the Hasbro Secret Wars card art for sale, and recently added a sketch from the original Mattel toy line.

Series 1 (missing – Thunderball)


Series 2 (missing – Iron Man and Magneto)


Series 3


Series 4 (unannounced)

Bulldozer JpegSM.jpgStorm JpegSM.jpgDoom JpegSM.jpgThing JpegSM.jpg

While the second series had a dip in its paint apps, I have high hopes for the third and fourth series, which will feature several new sculpts.  I am really looking forward to the third series, which includes several figures that haven’t seen plastic yet from Toy Biz and Hasbro – Piledriver, the Enchantress, and Ultron (at least, we haven’t seen this Ultron in plastic yet.)

Series 4 hasn’t been announced, but the Layton card art spoils us with four of the figures, but that still leaves two undetermined.  Good money is on the Wrecker to complete the Wrecking Crew.  What do you think the final figure will be for the final Secret Wars series?

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  1. deberian hacer estas figuras para la serie marvel leyends que tristesa que quieren que nos conformemos con estas figuras de llavero saluos

  2. This the time I started reading marvel and the fantastic 4. I would love a She-Hulk, and a Dr. Octopus.

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