Will Your Local Wal-Mart Carry DC Universe Classics Wave 10?

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If you are having problems finding DC Universe Classics wave 10, the second Wal-Mart exclusive wave, here’s a little help.  Pendragon’s Post has published a list of the roughly 3,000 Wal-Mart stores that have action figure sales high enough to warrant selling wave 10.  Please note that this isn’t a list of stores that have them in stock – just a list of the stores that are eligible to carry it.

The list is published in image format (51 images total), but it’s sorted alphabetically by state, so that should help you narrow it down.  California residents – our stores are listed on pages 4 – 7.

Pendragon also posted some notes from his conversation with a Wal-Mart PR representative about DCUC 10.  Good stuff!

On Wave 5, Walmart only had it in 1,800 of their stores. At least this time, it doubled to 3,000 stores, but still not great.

So I made a call to Walmart and spoke to Melissa O’Brien, Senior Manager PR & Brand Reputation for Walmart. This is what she told me:

  • DC Universe is hard to keep in stock because it does sell out quickly. They do realize this is a popular item and it why they increased the order from 1,800 stores to 3,000 store. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t tell me the exact number ordered.
  • They are considered a collectible and not a standard toy like GI Joe or Transfromers, and that makes for smaller purchasing amounts for DCUC.
  • They determine with stores get Wave 10, by the total number of sales in each store. The higher the overall action figures sales are, the greater the chance that store will get DCUC.
  • They do not want to put them on-line because they feel that this would be unfair to collectors. Walmart feels by selling DCUC in stores, the collectors have a better chance of finding them.
  • Walmart doesn’t always know the exact date of a shipment, and since DCUC are more limited in manufacture, they may not come in as often as other Mattel items.
  • If you can not find them, to contact your local store (see the list below). New toy stock usually arrives on Tuesdays and Wedsdays.


3 thoughts on “Will Your Local Wal-Mart Carry DC Universe Classics Wave 10?”

  1. I looked at the list. All of my local Walmarts are on it, but I’ve set to see any Wave 10 figures at them. I’ll just have to keep on looking, but my hopes are not high. I hate all this exclusive shit, and it’s a shame I’m probably gonna miss out on some cool looking figures like Power Girl and the Joker. My Batman’s Rogues Gallery is going to be lacking a few key members, it seems. 🙁

  2. same situation for me. there were some sightings in my area a few days ago, but I’ve found none (not that I go out on toy hunts a lot.) I think in a lot of the highly populated areas it’s not a question of whether the individual Wal-Mart stores will be getting them, because they all will. it’s a matter of the amount of other collectors and scalpers who are hunting these too.

    on the positive side, I don’t think we’ve seen these hit retail in big quantities yet.

  3. Guys, try going at night (9pm), when they have the boxes still on the pallettes, before the figures go in the pegs. This is how I found the sole case of wave 10 my Walmart got and bought it on the spot. I also got the new Marvel Universe Gigantic Battles this way, although those were plentyful. I guess Marvel Universe figures still are considered toys.

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