First Look – Walmart Exclusive DC Universe Classics 2-Packs –

TNI has posted several pictures of the upcoming Walmart exclusive 2-packs featuring Aquaman / Black Manta and Batman / Robin, all with new paint decos. I like that they’re reissuing the hard-to-find Aquaman, and with a very cool metallic set of scales. And fans of the Super Friends will get a Black Manta in the blue color scheme from the cartoon.

I’m not too keen on the Batman and Robin set. We’ve had too many Batmen using the original Detective Batman body (yes it’s the Public Enemies belt, but the glove and boot ridges give it away, plus the already smallish head would be even more pinheaded). And the Tim Drake red and green Robin costume has so many details that are off because Mattel used the unmodified original sculpt.  I understand the need to reuse, but I think this set needed a little more to make it worthwhile to collectors.

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  1. I like the Black Manta color, but wish Mattel had just left Aquaman in his orange shirt. I really want a more traditional looking Robin, but the painted on sleeves kind of kill it for me.

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