New Avatar Figures?

While this may not be as Earth-shattering as new figures from DC Universe Classics, Marvel Universe, and Iron Man, Toyfare #152 is also set to give us our first look at new Avatar figures.

No, we’re not talking about more 10-foot tall blue-skinned Avatars from the James Cameron flick – this refers to The Last Airbender, the live action film by M. Night Shyamalan based on the animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Some of you may remember the action figure line by Mattel (who coincidentally has the license for James Cameron’s Avatar).  For the movie, however, it’s Spin Master that was awarded the license last summer, and will be producing a line of 3.75-inch figures.

Toyfare #152, on sale this Wednesday, reveals the first wave of figures:

  • Aang with Momo and staff
  • Aang with glider
  • Sokka with boomerang
  • Prince Zuko with broadsword
  • Blue Spirit (no spoilers!) with dual broadswords

Will Avatar fans finally get a Katara figure?  The jury’s still out.

5 thoughts on “New Avatar Figures?”

  1. Well, it is now confirmed that Spin Master will release a Katara figure. It will also release Zuko with a removable blue spirit mask and a Sokka in his coat with a spear. I am asumming Zuko comes with 2 swords and a mask, but I think I know what Katara will have. The sokka figure for wave 1 in his main clothes has a spear and a thing to hold the spear in it. But if you bought the figure he has a head that you can pop off to put the spear holder on him. So I think Katara will have a removeable head so you can put on the bottle she stores water in. And also I assume she will have water that she can hold in her hand to make it look like she’s waterbending. Exciting right! Cant wait to see all the acessories. And I also sent a letter to Spin Master requestion a fire nation ship playset and a Princess Yue figure with the two fishes! So keep your eyes out for those… If you are not know where to buy those figures go to Toys R Us or Target!

  2. I did two things… I searched on google “spin master Katara action figure” and some links told me they would release one. I wasn’t sure so I contacted Spin Master and they said the would release the second wave (which has Katara in it) in Mid- August. I contacted Spin Master again and requested Princess Yue, a fire nation ship, Uncle Iroh, General Zhao, and a Water Kingdom which includes Pakku (the man who taught Aang and Katara waterbending). I’m planning when they release a sequel based on Earth I would request for an earth kingdom. And a fire kingdom for book Fire

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