Toyfare 152 to Feature New DC Universe Classics, Marvel Universe, and Iron Man Figures

Toyfare #152 is the last issue to hit the stands before Toy Fair.  As such, Mattel and Hasbro have saved up some of their big reveals for the issue, which is due in comic book stores next Wednesday.  For those of you who can’t wait, a subscriber who received his issue early has given me some early intel of what’s between the covers.

DC Universe Classics – as they promised, Mattel has revealed an upcoming wave of figures.

DC Universe Classics – Obsidian, Zatanna, Hourman, Gold, Alan Scott, Tyr, Ultra-Humanite, and Kamandi

I won’t be posting scans of Toyfare – c’mon – just pick up your own copy! 🙂 – but I have picked images that reflect what was described to me.  With Obsidian, the Rex Tyler version of Hourman, and the Alan Scott Green Lantern, we’ve got some more Justice Society of America goodness coming our way, and fans of the classics will be glad to get Rex instead of Rick for Hourman.  I think a lot of fans will be pleased that Zatanna is in her top hat, tails, and stockings, but I’m concerned about getting a repeat of Black Canary’s legs.

Gold continues the Metal Men, Kamandi brings us a Toy Guru favorite, and Tyr continues the unofficial Super Powers theme for this year.  And, what can you say about a C&C Ultra-Humanite?  Giant gorillas are awesome.

[Update – Mattel has confirmed that this will be a Wal-Mart exclusive wave.  If it follows the pattern from the past Wal-Mart exclusives, the wave should not have any variant or chase figures.]

Marvel Universe

Marvel Universe – Archangel, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Juggernaut, Havok, and AIM Agents

If you thought Marvel Universe was light on mutants, the upcoming figures to be revealed in Toyfare will give you a healthy dose of the X-gene.  As I consider the lineup, I keep thinking that the Hasbro team behind this line is really out to prove that you can love Marvel Universe too.  Archangel, Colossus, and Juggernaut are among the most beloved of the Toy Biz run, and they’re reproduced in the 4-inch scale with lots of newly sculpted elements.  For example, if my source is to be believed, Archangel’s wings will rival those of the Toy Biz figure.  And to prove Hasbro can match itself, Kitty Pryde will also include a Lockheed.

With the modern Havok and the AIM Agent army-builder’s delight, I wonder if there’s someone chuckling somewhere in Pawtucket, thinking about Toy Biz Marvel Legends that never made it to the shelves.  Evil!

Iron Man

Iron Man – Classic Iron Man, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Guardsman, Titanium Man, and Red / Gold Iron Man

Comics fans, if you thought the Iron Man 2 line was going to be all about movie figures, then you missed Sandman21xxi’s review of the first wave of comic-based figures, and you’ll be pleased that there’s more on the way.  The Classic Iron Man is also known as the Red and Gold Renaissance armor, since it came after Stealth, Gray, and Silver Centurion armors – this armor was also produced in the Super Hero Showdown line by Toy Biz.  The Red / Gold Iron Man is a variant of the classic Iron Man in the first wave, just with the pointed mask.

Hulkbuster features a whole new sculpt (how else could they do it?) and I’m guessing it’ll be massive, despite the scaling that’s shown in the magazine.  The Vault Guardsman and Titanium man add some green to the line, both literally and figuratively (as in “green with envy”), as we never got them in the 6-inch scale.

There you have it – your preview of the major reveals in Toyfare #152.  Be sure to pick up your copy this Wednesday at your local comic book store.

11 thoughts on “Toyfare 152 to Feature New DC Universe Classics, Marvel Universe, and Iron Man Figures”

  1. Minor nitpick: “And to prove Hasbro can match itself, Kitty Pryde will also include a Lockheed.”

    The last Kitty was made by Toy Biz.

    Interested to see the pictures when the issue hits newsstands.

  2. Eff Marvel..Sign me up for a DCUC Gold I suppose. Just saw the Toyfare scans, DCUC Zatanna was originally on my list but seeing the swivel junk they kept on her, makes it an easy skip. Its the exact same reason why I skipped over Power Girl.

  3. Jamesdell: powergirl doesn’t have the swivel junk problem only black canary. Though seeing how well they hid the sidekicking on powergirl I wish they’d have used that part.
    StrangePlanet: he is referring to the fact that the figure can only kick frontwards.

  4. Hopefully Archangel’s in modern X-Force deco (black/blue). Looks like Hasbro aware of X-Force’s popularity and they’re just slowly trickling them out one by one, which is kinda irritating. Well we have Warpath and Wolverine so far, all suited up for wetworks – Archangels next. And I’m hopin’ they dish out X-23 or Domino after. It’d be cool to see Wolfsbane in some kind of two pack with human and wolf forms.

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