Toy Fair 2010 – Hasbro G.I. Joe Update

Even though I completed my Marvel update from the Hasbro Collector Briefing, I couldn’t stop for the night – having 3 more brands hanging over my head was just too much. So here’s the update from the Hasbro G.I. Joe team.

With the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie in 2009, the Joe team had a great year, with over 100 figures and vehicles in support of the movie. In the fall of 2010, with Cobra established, the line will shift to the Pursuit of Cobra. This means updated packaging, including a new icon for the Joes and a slightly tweaked icon for Cobra, new designs in the 25th Anniversary style, and no more actor head sculpts.

The Joe’s mission, to stop Cobra from building a new H.I.S.S. tank, will take them through four hostile environments: arctic threat, jungle assault, city strike, and the desert battle.

Single Carded Figures – 3.75-inch

GI Joe Single Carded 01 (1024x1024).jpgGI Joe Single Carded 02 (766x1024).jpgGI Joe Single Carded 03 (762x1024).jpgGI Joe Single Carded 04 (767x1024).jpgGI Joe Single Carded 05 (768x1024).jpgGI Joe Single Carded 06 (768x1024).jpgGI Joe Single Carded 07 (1024x1024).jpgGI Joe Single Carded 08 (768x1024).jpgGI Joe 2 (1024x768).jpg

Wave 1 brings us: Snake Eyes (with a new Timber sculpt – push his tail and his head moves), Duke, Snow Job, Beachhead, Alley-Viper, Firefly, Cobra Commander (with a vac metal head), and Storm Shadow. To play up the Pursuit of Cobra angle, there will be a Cobra-themed packaging chase variant for Cobra Commander.

Wave 2 will have: Dusty, Recondo, another Snake Eyes, Destro, Zartan, Jungle-Viper

Alpha Vehicles

GI Joe Vehicles 01 (1024x1024).jpgGI Joe Vehicles 02 (1024x1024).jpgGI Joe Vehicles 03 (1024x1024).jpgGI Joe Vehicles 04 (1024x1024).jpgGI Joe Vehicles 05 (1024x768).jpg

Wave 1: Ghost Hawk with Tomahawk, Doom Cycle with Storm Rider (a new Dreadnok), and the A.W.E. Striker with Night Fox

Wave 2: Ice Cutter with Snow Serpent Officer and Wolf Hound with Whiteout

Bravo Vehicles

GI Joe HISS Tank 01 (1021x1024).jpgGI Joe HISS Tank 02 (1024x769).jpg

Wave 1: H.I.S.S. Tank with driver – this is a new tank, with working treads for the first time ever

Wave 2: V.A.M.P. with Double Clutch and Cobra Fury with Alley-Viper Officer

Mobile Mech Suits

The mobile mech suits have been retooled with larger cockpits to fit the 3.75-inch line. We’ll get:

GI Joe Mech 01 (1024x1024).jpgGI Joe Mech 02 (1024x1024).jpg

  • Steel Marauder with Kickstart
  • Cobra Deviant with Cyber-Viper

Resolute 7-packs

The Resolute line continues with 2 more 7-packs:

GI Joe Resolute 07 (1024x1024).jpgGI Joe Resolute 08 (1021x1024).jpgGI Joe Resolute 01 (1024x767).jpgGI Joe Resolute 02 (1024x770).jpgGI Joe Resolute 03 (1024x767).jpgGI Joe Resolute 04 (1024x767).jpgGI Joe Resolute 05 (1024x768).jpgGI Joe Resolute 06 (1024x770).jpgGI Joe Resolute 09 (1024x767).jpg

  • Joes – Beachhead, Flint, Duke, Snake Eyes, Stalker, Scarlett, Roadblock
  • Cobra – Storm Shadow, Alley-Viper, Firefly, Cobra Commander, Zartan, Baroness, Destro

Finally, for San Diego Comic-Con, the Hasbro team is bringing us a figure to celebrate its 25th anniversary – Sgt. Slaughter! Sarge will come in 2 variants:

  • Original figure with the USA tank top, whistle, and gloves – this figure will use 100% new tooling
  • Variant based on the Sarge that came with Triple T Tank – some reuse and some new tooling

Sarge himself will be at the Hasbro booth at Comic-con!

To wrap up the presentation, the Joe team wanted to remind everyone that Joe Con is the last weekend in April, this time in Providence, R.I., home of Hasbro and G.I. Joe!

Alright, I’m done for the evening – stay tuned for Star Wars and Transformers early next week.

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