Mattel DC Universe Classics Waves 13 and 14 Update

Mattel has posted a couple of DC Universe Classics updates on the Facebook page. First, a quick update on the modern Cheetah variant for DC Universe Classics 13. The deco has been revised to add a black top and black leggings to represent her most recent look. For posterity, I included the original 2-up prototype shot on the right.

DC Universe Classics 13 - Cheetah (modern) - revised.jpgDC Universe Classics 13 - Cheetah (modern).jpg

Here is the final version of Modern Cheetah. We do have plans for the all animal skin version, but not in Wave 13. Stay tuned!

Mattel also posted pics of the Wal-Mart exclusive wave 14. Although I knew Zatanna’s hat was removable, I hadn’t seen a pic with her hat off.

DC Universe Classics 14 - Alan Scott Green Lantern.jpgDC Universe Classics 14 - Gold.jpgDC Universe Classics 14 - Hourman.jpgDC Universe Classics 14 - Kamandi.jpgDC Universe Classics 14 - Obsidian.jpg
DC Universe Classics 14 - Tyr.jpgDC Universe Classics 14 - Zatanna (without hat).jpgDC Universe Classics 14 - Zatanna.jpgDC Universe Classics 14 - Ultra-Humanite.jpg

Wave 14 is the Wal-Mart wave for 2010.

  • A.Scott. The original Green Lantern of Earth!
  • Gold, ready to join your DCUC Metal Men!
  • Golden Age Hourman
  • Last Toy on Earth!
  • Golden Age Green Lantern’s son!
  • Tyr, the Super Powers homage continues
  • Zatanna!
  • Zatanna with her hat on. (it is removable)
  • Collect and Connect Ultra Humanite.

All of this had been on display at Mattel’s collector event at Toy Fair – check out lots more pics of all these figures at our Toy Fair 2010 – Mattel DC Universe Classics Update.

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