Poll: Would You Buy DC Universe Classics Characters You Already Had If They Were Re-released with Updated Articulation?

DC Universe Classics Blue Beetle with Marvel Legends Spider-Man (1200x1200)
DC Universe Classics Wave 13 Blue Beetle with his highly-articulated counterpart, Marvel Legends Spider-Man

About a week ago, Sandman shared some pics of the new Blue Beetle figure showing off some action poses that were enabled by his new articulation. Although Mattel has already brought to market highly articulated figures of the DC Universe Classics, the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle features some new points – double-jointed elbows and knees, and wrist hinges.

Mattel says they will use the new articulation moving forward, but will consider what articulation makes sense on a character by character basis. In DC Universe Classics wave 14 and DCUC wave 15 (revealed yesterday), the next two upcoming waves to hit retail, so far none of the figures feature the new joints.

That begs the question, should they only use the new articulation moving forward or should they revisit figures they’ve already released? Let us know!

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11 thoughts on “Poll: Would You Buy DC Universe Classics Characters You Already Had If They Were Re-released with Updated Articulation?”

  1. I had to vote as a “Maybe”. I don’t think I would be interested in re-buying too many characters that have already been done, since a lot of my money goes into DCUC already these days. I’ve gone from “must have every one released” to being a little more selective since I couldn’t get a Gleek. I would like to see it used more going forward though.

  2. I’d certainly be more inclined to buy more than a couple DCUC a year if they had better, more functional articulation.

  3. I voted Maybe too.
    I love the additional articulation, but it comes down to money vs. Character choice for me. The cost of these figs is already pretty steep.I don’t want to re-buy anything if I can help it.

  4. I voted “Maybe,” but I’d really only buy a re-release if:

    1. It was one of my absolute favorite characters (Hal Jordan, etc.).

    2. There was something else different about the figure, even if it’s just a basic costume or paint change.

    In general, DCUC has good to excellent articulation already.

  5. I voted No, not only because I’m not a huge fan of double jointed elbows and knees, but also because I’m underwhelmed with Blue Beetle. Mine has gummy knee joints that don’t let him hold a pose, and he just feels like he’s going to break when I move his elbows. If a less rubbery plastic was used I might feel better about him.

  6. I’d buy a hal jordan green lantern if he had some new articulation. Any of the mainstream would be cool to have, but not a necessary buy, unless they came out as an actual wave with a c&c figure.

  7. @ Clark

    You bring up a good point too. I agree about the joints. My Blue Beetle isn’t as sturdy as it should be either.

  8. It would really depend on the character but there gets to a point when articulation begins to hurt the sculpting.

  9. I would. But I only have six DCUC figures. But Batman needs to be able to get in some double-knee crouch poses.


  10. I voted “No.” I thought about the figures I had (mostly wave 6) and asked, do any of these guys need anymore articulation–do any of these characters need to get into a Spider-Man crouch (or the like)? The answer was no, and I think the same holds true for most of the DC characters.

    While I suppose it’s nice for any ol’ character to have double elbows and knees, and ankle rockers and individualized finger articulation, I’m not convinced that Hawkman (or just about any other DC character I have) needs those POA for me to think it’s a good representation of the character. It would be a different case if it were somebody like Spider-Man, a character whose silhouette is defined by contorted poses, but that’s not the case for most DC characters, and certainly not for any of the ones I have already.

  11. I voted ‘Maybe’. On one hand there is the issue of the steep prices that would certainly prevent me from buying a DCUC character I already have. For the vast majority of characters? No thanks.

    On the other hand, a Batman who can crouch on rooftops? A Wonder Woman who can adopt all the bondage poses she endured in her early Marston days? Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk. Sold!

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