AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 4/30/10

We had a few questions after the Attack of the Show! reveals that Toy Guru and the folks at Mattel have answered. Thanks guys!

1. Great reveals on Attack of the Show! Some questions of the “grand daddy” of items, the DC Infinite Heroes Starro exclusive – does the large Starro feature any articulation or is it flexible at all? Now that you’re giving us Starro for the DCIH line, how does that affect our chances for getting an even bigger Starro in the DC Universe Classics line, as a Collect and Connect, for example?


DCIH Starro 2.jpgDCIH Starro 3.jpgDCIH Starro 4.jpgDCIH Starro.jpg

Starro is made of rubber-like material and has metal rods similar to Clayface. While this Starro does not take the place of a possible Collect and Connect, we did purposely make him so he would work with any number of DC lines. That doesn’t mean we would not revisit him again one day in the 6-inch line!

2. The Starro reveal also showed a “face-hugger” mini-Starro on a DC Universe Classics Hal Jordan that looked a bit different from the release in Wave 3. What’s new about him and when will we be getting him – in the Wal-Mart Green Lantern 5-pack or as an All-Star Release?

DCIH Starro 5.jpgDCIH Starro 6.jpg

He will be an upcoming Toys “R” Us re-deco figure! We kind of snuck that one in, huh?

3. For the Toy Story Lots-O’-Huggin’ – with the timing of the Toy Story 3 movie (opens June 18), this bear should have lots-o-company on retail shelves with toys from the movie. How did you pick Lots-O for the SDCC exclusive, and what can you tell us about the companion products that should be on the shelves?

We chose Lots-O’ as our SDCC item in the collector scale at SDCC since he will have a very large role in the upcoming movie and we felt collectors would appreciate adding this special figure to their collection. Sorry, but that is all we can say for now!

4. Is the Wrestlemania XV Undertaker considered an Entrance Great, with sound chip and entrance music? Or is this just a special package for SDCC?

The SDCC Undertaker is in a similar package to the Entrance Greats, but it will not have sound.

5. What are the new accessories that Jake Sully and Colonel Quaritch are getting for the Avatar Final Battle exclusive?

Jake has a new head, Miles has a gas mask, the large gun splits in two and there is a new broken glass hood over the amp suit. In addition, both figures and the suit have a new movie scene accurate deco with mud and blood splatter!

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