Mattel San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives on Sale on 8/2

Don’t forget – Monday at Noon EST, Mattel’s exclusives from San Diego Comic-Con go on sale on Here’s the link to the bundled page.

Orko and Plastic Man sold out at the show first, and I imagine some people who got Orko at SDCC will be trying for this version too, because it doesn’t have the semi-translucent appearance that the Con-only color-change version does. Good luck!

Missed SDCC? Get Some of the Hottest Toys on 8/2!

Toy Fans,

Well, 2010 SDCC is over, but that doesn’t mean the chance to buy toys featured there has gone for good! As promised, we’re offering a limited number of some of the top SDCC products for purchase here at on Monday, August 2nd. Be here at at 9 a.m. PT (noon ET) for your chance at these collector gotta-gets:

These are the exact same products offered at SDCC, except the Starro Spores and Plastic Man suitcase aren’t available, and Orko doesn’t have the color-change features. Want a reminder sent to your inbox? Click here to sign up for email!

— Matty

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Mattel San Diego Comic-Con Updates – Starro Packaging and Pre-Sale Vouchers

Two pretty awesome updates from Mattel on the MattyCollector site today. First up, a demo of the packaging for the JLA Presents Starro the Conqueror exclusive. I had heard that Kevin Conroy was providing the voiceovers here, but I didn’t realize that there was going to be so much of it.

And second, for those of you attending San Diego Comic-Con, maybe the lines for exclusives won’t be quite so bad this year. Mattel is offering pre-sales via MattyCollector on Tuesday, July 13, with pickup times next door to the San Diego Convention Center on Thursday – Saturday.

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AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 6/14/10

Toy Guru was a day early with the mid-month edition of Ask Matty… or are we going to be a day late submitting questions for the next one? Thanks to him and Mattel for this round of Q&A.

1) How are the DC Universe Classics All-Star repaints like Batman and Green Lantern doing at retail? At least at the TRUs where I shop, they don’t stick around long. What are the plans to continue this past the fourth figure, and when will that fourth figure be revealed?


The TRU repaints are doing great. The fourth figure will be revealed at SDCC. We can’t confirm anything beyond that right now but hope to have news soon.

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AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 4/30/10

We had a few questions after the Attack of the Show! reveals that Toy Guru and the folks at Mattel have answered. Thanks guys!

1. Great reveals on Attack of the Show! Some questions of the “grand daddy” of items, the DC Infinite Heroes Starro exclusive – does the large Starro feature any articulation or is it flexible at all? Now that you’re giving us Starro for the DCIH line, how does that affect our chances for getting an even bigger Starro in the DC Universe Classics line, as a Collect and Connect, for example?


DCIH Starro 2.jpgDCIH Starro 3.jpgDCIH Starro 4.jpgDCIH Starro.jpg

Starro is made of rubber-like material and has metal rods similar to Clayface. While this Starro does not take the place of a possible Collect and Connect, we did purposely make him so he would work with any number of DC lines. That doesn’t mean we would not revisit him again one day in the 6-inch line!

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Mattel San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives – Official Details and Pics


Mattel has released the official descriptions and pictures of their San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives that they announced on Attack of the Show (part 1 | part 2). They promised more reveals, and they came through with previously unannounced exclusives for Cars and Justice League Polly Pockets.

I’m psyched about face-hugger Starros for my DC Universe Classics Justice League, but is it weird that I’m excited about the dentist’s chair that comes with Mo-Larr? 🙂

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