Don’t Miss the Fwoosh DC Universe Classics March Madness Tourney Finals

This is it! We’re down to Green Arrow and Kilowog. Now it’s up to you to determine which figure deserves the trophy. Vote now!

How appropriate that MARCH Madness would bring us two final combatants in green to duke it out in the center of the universe Oa – home of the Green Lantern Corps! You have voted, you have sent 126 figures packing and now, just one more to fall in defeat and one to rise in victory – the DCUC March Madness Finals are here!

Gone are the favorites, the upsetters, the expecteds, the surprises, the cinderellas, etc – we are down to the final two figures you feel most worthy of fighting for the title of best DC Universe figure. Not much more to say except – vote now as the final poll will close on April 6th and we will wrap up the whole tournament on April 7th.

View the updated bracket HERE

Without further ado, we head to Oa for these two gladiators of the action figure world to battle for your affections!


Green Arrow vs Kilowog

Green, green, green! Will fan favorite figure, Ollie Queen be able to withstand the favorite Collect and Connect with home court advantage? You decide!

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