World War Robot and World War 2 – Photo Manipulation

Ok, so we here at AFP seem a little obsessed lately with Ashley Wood’s World War Robot from threeA Toys. Can you blame us? And in this obsession, some of us find that simply displaying or playing with our toys is not enough. We need them to come to life. That is where Photoshop comes in…

You can have a lot of fun making image manipulations using your action figures. There are many ways of doing this, including creating a photo backdrop for your figures, but my preferred option is to combine images of figures and backgrounds using Photoshop. Here are a few simple steps and tips:

  • Start with a clean photo of the figure. For this image manipulations in this article, I used the photos of the Deep Powder Bertie from my recent review.
  • Crop out the shape of the figure. With a clean photo, with good contrast between the figure and the background, you’ll be able to save time using Photoshop’s Magic Wand, for example.
  • Copy the figure and place it in an appropriate photo.

Be sure the angle and lighting match the photo you are adding the figure to. The aging and weathering of the photo really helps with the blending of the 2 elements. Don’t forget shadows!

Here are a few more examples of WWR figures being added to old stock WW2 photos.


Have fun!