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I’m still bitter that I missed my chance at picking up the MOTU Classics Tytus this month – so I’m muttering under my breath as I’m linking you to Noisy’s excellent review of Tytus over at IAT.

Tytus has a very unique look that’s not quite Classics. The original Tytus wasn’t simply a scaled up vintage figure and the Classics Tytus isn’t just a scaled up MOTUC with less articulation. When I look at him overall, he almost appears more 200x than Classic, but I can’t exactly put my finger on why. He doesn’t have any of the uh, “hyper anime” flair, but his larger size does allow for more detail on the armor, some veins on the hands and arms, hammered metal details on the boots, and the intricate belt design. I imagine a 200x fan could place him with that collection and be happy. And, all the while, he still fits in just fine with the Classics. Simply put, the part of Tytus the 4H had control over is great and makes you feel the closest to getting your money’s worth.

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