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There’s been a lot of Mattel news in the past week and a half that started with the announcement that Mattel landed the Voltron license for the upcoming animated series. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the extremely awesome first look that VeeBee posted on the Fwoosh of the upcoming DC Universe Classics Plastic Man a few days back.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not exactly a big fan of Plas – primarily because when I was first exposed to him, all I really wanted in comics was dark, brooding, angsty stuff. But I do think that this figure delivers all that it possibly could. I’ll definitely be picking him up.

The San Diego Comic Con DCUC figure (also available after the show at Matty Collector) is Plastic Man, and quite frankly, I have not gotten such a fun toy in a long, long time.

I am not going to get bogged down with too many words because you really need to SEE how cool of a figure he is but I will tell you one thing – THIS is how you do a convention figure. There is so much to this figure in terms of accessories, design, sculpt, packaging – the whole deal that if Mattel were to start doing figures of all of the DC characters like this, I would shell out $20.00 for everyone with no hesitation. If you are a DC fan, or a Plastic Man fan, or even just a fan of great toys, you will do yourself a major injustice if you don’t pick this figure up. I could literally take scores of pictures and still have trouble capturing all of the cool combinations you can assemble for Plas from all of his add-ons.

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