Mattel Ghostbusters Peter Venkman Quick Pics

Ghostbusters Peter Venkman - with Egon, Ray, and Winston (1200x900).jpg

With the sale this month, fans had the opportunity to complete their 6-inch collections of the four core Ghostbusters with Peter Venkman. It’s been a long wait since Egon Spengler first became available at San Diego Comic-Con last year and we saw production samples of Venkman at C2E2.

Ghostbusters Peter Venkman - box (901x1200).jpgGhostbusters Peter Venkman - card (898x1200).jpgGhostbusters Peter Venkman - cardback (898x1200).jpgGhostbusters Peter Venkman and Slimer (1200x1199).jpgGhostbusters Peter Venkman and Slimer - back (1200x1199).jpg

Venkman is the first of the Ghostbusters to come in a white mailer box. He’s packaged with a new version of Slimer – this one has his tongue hanging out in his best impression of Michael Jordan going up for a dunk. In addition to the new head sculpt modeled after Bill Murray, the Venkman figure includes new forearms and lower legs, with the gloves on and the pant legs untucked.

Ghostbusters Peter Venkman and Slimer - action (1198x1200).jpgGhostbusters Peter Venkman - with Ray, Winston, and Egon (1200x1200).jpgGhostbusters Peter Venkman - with Slimer (1185x1185).jpg

While I’m glad to have all four Ghostbusters now, there’s still more to come. I’m iffy on getting labcoat versions of these guys, but I’d probably look at unslimed versions of Egon and of Peter especially, since the slime has given his hair an odd look and we might get a sculpt that’s not quite so soft.

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