threeA Toys Beijing Gathering World War Robot Pics

This World War Robot "Large Martin" is aptly named - it's 1:1 scale, and is articulated. Photo by J.ME.

If you’re a 3A, World War Robot, or Ashley Woods fan, then you may know (and be extremely jealous) that this weekend, 3A Toys held their Beijing Gathering. When I win the lottery, this will be the type of event I’ll go to. But since I’m still a working stiff, I’ll just have to be happy with other people’s pictures.

J.ME. posted a great gallery of Beijing Gathering pictures. Here’s a couple of the World War Robot related pics – but follow the link for a whole bunch more.

The 3A forums also have a picture thread for the Beijing Event. I pulled this picture of the WWR Heavy Bramble from there.

3 thoughts on “threeA Toys Beijing Gathering World War Robot Pics”

  1. I wish I could have attended that show, but flying to the other side of the world for a toy show just isn’t in my budget. (Well, non-work related toy shows.) Still, if the LA show becomes a reality I may have to hit that one. I’m seriously impressed with the pics I’ve seen from the show in Beijing.

  2. I’d love to be able to go too – but it would have to be part of a bigger vacation. just a weekend for a trip across the Pacific isn’t enough. but the timing this year would have been rough. my wife humors me a lot already with trips for SDCC and Toy Fair, so adding another one that’s driven by primarily by toys might not be a deal closer. 🙂

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