Art Asylum Announces Star Trek TOS Series 5… Kind Of

This is probably going to be somewhat of a disappointment to long-time fans of Art Asylum’s Star Trek action figures from the original series. Series 5 was originally slated to include only one of the figures that eventually made it – the Kirk in dress shirt. Missing are Bones in his short-sleeve Sick Bay uniform, and completely new figures for fan favorites Yeoman Janice Rand and Nurse Chapel. The first hints that these figures were at risk of not making it to shelves was in DST’s shipping update from last October. And check the pic of the card back – the original lineup is still there. Tease!

On the upside, the line has been lacking in the villain department, and now we’ll get a Romulan to join Kang the Klingon from Series 3 last year. I’m still seeing lots of remnants of Kirk and Spock from that series at the local TRUs, so I’ve got to wonder how adding what will likely be another Kirk-heavy series will help us get more Trek to shelves.

Star Trek… the Series 5!

Just when you thought we didn’t have any more Original Series figures up our sleeves!

Surprise! Series 5 is coming out!

What does it contain exactly?

Star Trek The Original Series: Series 5 is made of 3 very important characters:

  1. Of course we have our faithful leader, Captain James T. Kirk. But have you seen him in his Green Dress Shirt? Very respectable!
  2. And what about Scotty? No collection is complete without him, you just cannot do it! It’s not enough power!
  3. And finally, Romulan… Hmm… he looks an awlful lot like a Vulcan… could it be coincidence? Or a common ancestry?

Look for it in stores!

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3 thoughts on “Art Asylum Announces Star Trek TOS Series 5… Kind Of”

  1. Hey Ron,

    Just wanted to let you know, from what I understand these are not going to TRU. They will be Diamond and LCS releases. TRU decided they didn’t want to carry them anymore, I guess. And yeah, it really stinks about not getting Chapel and Rand! (or Salt Vampire.) They really need to find some way to continue the Trek figures. I still have a bunch of holes in my collection. (Voyager)


  2. thanks LC – apparently I missed the earlier announcement of the lineup change a couple months ago, and didn’t know this was a Diamond release and not TRU.

    but that only makes the lineup more odd. I’d have thought that distribution through comic shops would warrant a more collector-oriented lineup, and Chapel and Rand would seem better suited for that. but I guess there’s the consideration of the cost of tooling that factored into the decision.

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