San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Mezco DC Universe Mez-Itz

Mezco was one of my most anticipated stops I had to make on Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con, primarily for their new line-up of DC Universe Mez-Itz. I’m guessing that a lot of AFP readers aren’t into urban vinyl figures, but I challenge you to look upon these works and rejoice!

DC Mez-Itz - Joker (900x1200).jpgDC Mez-Itz - Batman (898x1200).jpgDC Mez-Itz - Sinestro (900x1200).jpgDC Mez-Itz - Green Lantern (898x1200).jpg

While these will see broad release through Diamond and specialty stores, they’ll likely not hit mass market retailers like Toys R Us – because Mattel has such a lock on DC as the master license holder, Mezco had to carve out a very specific niche to be able to produce these.

I’m glad they did. As I’ve said many times, these are compatible with Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs, but the ball-jointed head takes them a step further in the poses and resulting character these emanate. And the designs are a home run – I must have that Sinestro, now!

DC Mez-Itz - Dark Knight Batman (899x1200).jpgDC Mez-Itz - Dark Knight Joker (899x1200).jpgDC Mez-Itz - Superman (899x1200).jpgDC Mez-Itz - Darkseid (901x1200).jpg

These will be released as 2-packs, and the release schedule is going to be spaced out – Superman and Darkseid may be the next set to hit the market. I think Mezco is taking the right approach with these – Mighty Muggs may be phasing out, but those innundated the market from the outset. I think DC Mez-Itz will appeal to the collector and have the potential to have a long and fruitful product life.