The Hasbro San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Pre-Show Giveaway – Day 3

Thanks to our friends in the Marvel, G.I. Joe, and Star Wars brand teams at Marvel and the good folks at Hunter PR, and are pleased to be give our readers a chance to win one of the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con exclusives or other prizes. Through Tuesday next week, we’ll feature one or more prizes each day. Read on for instructions on how to enter to win.

For Day 3, we’ve got the two Sgt. Slaughter figures from the G.I. Joe line.

G.I. JOE 3.75″ Sgt. Slaughter Special Edition Figure

Hasbro SDCC 2010 Exclusive - GI Joe Sgt. Slaughter 1 (901x1200).jpgHasbro SDCC 2010 Exclusive - GI Joe Sgt. Slaughter 2 (900x1200).jpgHasbro SDCC 2010 Exclusive - GI Joe Sgt. Slaughter 3 (901x1200).jpgHasbro SDCC 2010 Exclusive - GI Joe Sgt. Slaughter 4 (901x1200).jpg

(Ages: 5 & up; Approximate Retail Price: $12.99 each; Available through, Booth # 3329 at San Diego Comic-Con)

Sgt. Slaughter returns to the G.I. JOE universe at Comic-Con in two different styles! The primary figure is styled with a USA tank top, whistle, non-removable hat, championship belt, baton and a microphone. The variant figure (sold separately), in the Triple-T styling, comes with a whistle, non-removable hat, machine gun, and a revolver.

In addition to being available at Comic-Con, a limited number will be available on after the convention.

On Day 4, we’ll return to with three Hasbro Marvel exclusives!

The Hasbro San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Pre-Show Giveaway Recap

Entries for each day will continue to be permitted until drawing time, some time after San Diego Comic-Con.

How to Enter

  1. Take our quick demographic survey. It takes around 2 minutes, and will help us learn more about our readers. No personally identifiable information will be requested, stored, or sold. (You can take the survey multiple times – but it won’t affect your chances of winning.)
  2. Leave a comment on this page below – winner(s) will be selected at random from folks who leave comments. Please note – comments are moderated and may not appear instantly.

That’s it!

The Fine Print

  • You must be over 18 to enter.
  • Prizes will be shipped to winners directly from Winners who want their prize shipped outside of the United States will be responsible to pay for all shipping costs, including but not limited to shipping, taxes, and tariffs. In the event that a winner does not elect to pay these costs, an alternate winner will be selected.
  • Staff members at and, and employees of Hasbro are not eligible for this contest (sorry guys!)
  • By accepting the prize, the winner agrees to hold,, and Hasbro, Inc. and their respective directors, officers, employees and assigns harmless against any and all claims and liability arising out of the use or redemption of the prizes.
  • Due to time constraints, we’ll conduct the drawings and ship out prizes after San Diego Comic-Con is over.

91 thoughts on “The Hasbro San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Pre-Show Giveaway – Day 3”

  1. sad I cant go to comic con this year. I hope I can get galactus and the Star Wars comic packs on line after the on. Keep on giving the great news about toys I love it

  2. Sgt. Slaughter will whip the scrawny punks into shape at SDCC ! Err… that’s all I got.

  3. YO J…

    PlayItLoud stole my comment.

    sweet figures, and a cool contest. Will we find out more about the demographic survey?

  4. I want Sgt. Slaughter to stomp the Cobra maggots! Barring that, he’ll arm-wrestle buff POTF2 Luke.

  5. Thanks for all the coverage and the giveaway! Hopefully some year I’ll make it out there.

  6. IMO, Hasbro didn’t do as good a job as they could have on these. I still want them though since I can’t imagine we’re going to get too many more shots at Slaughter as a Joe.

  7. A number of things this year I would love to get from SDCC, but cost to get there is a bit too much for me at this time. Sgt. Slaughter is a surprise to even see after soo many years the Joe-verse was without him.

  8. Can’t make it to the con, but I sure wouldn’t mind my 25th collection getting that final piece it needs. Sgt. Slaughter rules!

  9. Been looking forward to this release for quite a while. One of my fondest memories is receiving the Slaughter/Triple T set for Christmas in ’86.

  10. Thanks for the giveaway. The Sarge looks like he’s ready to put someone in an itty bitty ditty bag.

  11. Awesome contest, I hope you get all the info you need for the site! Me, I just want me a Sgt. Slaughter, that figure is BA 🙂

  12. The survey was quick and easy (thanks for not asking too much, some sites do!) and I’d love to get my hands on these Sarges. Anyone who follows my stuff knows how big of a fan of Sgt. Slaughter in GI Joe I am. So thanks for the contest and consider me officially entered.

  13. i hit up the con in 05, wish i could go back every year, but living in NY it is a long trip

  14. I never had any of the previous Sgt. Slaughters, so I really jonesing for both of these.

  15. That’s a nice figure! I may like it more than the recent WWE Legends Slaughter, although he does have a REMOVEABLE hat.

  16. I still have my old Serg’ that came with the Warthog, would love this new one though. Wrestling may suck ass but GI Joe remains eternally awesome… YO JOE!

  17. “AT EASE, DISEASE!” My favorite joe is finally in 25th anniversary line. I would love to win the Sarge or MU exclusives giveaway.

  18. I need openers so I can compare these figures to the BNB figure for ultimate Sarge Supremacy!

  19. The first appearance of Slaughter in the cartoon is still one of my favourite episodes. I love it when he takes out an army of B.A.T.s Chuck Norris style when the other Joes couldn’t take them down with guns and bazookas.

  20. I, too, would enjoy Sgt. Slaughter, but only to have all my other Joes fight over his title belt.

  21. Been a Joe collector for years; been trying to make a 25th Ani style Slaughter for a year (cant get the head right and only had a limited number to mess with to begin with 🙁 ) so having a shot to pick this one up is gr8! Thank you maggots!

  22. Yeah! Sarge was one of my favs. I still have my old one, but his legs don’t work so good these days. 🙂

  23. i have never been able to get both versions of an SDCC G.I. Joe set. I would LOVE to get this set, Sgt rocks and has always been one of my favorites! We all go home, or nobody goes home!

  24. SARGE! Does it help that I’ve completed the same survey 4 times already? Or does it skew the results?

  25. Hey what a great big batch of exclusives coming out this year. Lets hope the pocket book holds.

  26. Want the Mail-away Slaughter – but I’ll take any of them.

    AFP is the one of the few sites I have never regretting signing up for.

  27. I would love these but we also need Serpentor version 1, the red mutant monster that resulted from Cobra Commander’s sabotage of Dr. Mindbender’s experiment and which rampaged through Cobra Island!

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