Best of San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Talyn

I wasnt expecting much surprise from Marvel this year but the Sentinel in the new scale size really grabbed me. This is the giant Sentinel I have wanted since I was 11, watching the X-Men cartoon on Saturday morning. And with the new cartoon-style Cyclops coming out, they will make an awesome display.

DSCN2215.JPGDSCN2224.JPG2011 Wave 2 - Cyclops.jpg2011 Wave 2 - Cyclops.jpg

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I was also pleasantly surprised to see another 90’s favorite, Spiderman 2099. That thing is so bought on site. Also on the Spiderman side, I was glad to see a new 6″ villain, The Lizard! There have not been many Lizard figures recently, so this was overdue.

2011 Wave 1 - Spider-Man 2099 (897x1200).jpg2011 Wave 1 - World War Hulk.jpgDSCN1252.JPGLizard (899x1200).jpgLizard (1) (898x1200).jpg

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The other point of excitement for me is the new Ghostbusters stuff. Though some were kitbashed or repainted figures, the NEW figures coming out are very awesome.

Ghostbusters (7) (899x1200).jpgGhostbusters (8) (898x1200).jpgGhostbusters (9) (899x1200).jpgLouis Tully (2) (900x1200).jpgLouis Tully (3) (900x1200).jpgLouis Tully (4) (900x1200).jpg

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There were a lot more things this year that got my attention, but these are the main ones I KNOW I will be throwing my money down on this and next year.

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  1. You should note that the classic purple & blue sentinel is next years SDCC exclusive from Hasbro – the silver and blue one will be the one released in stores. This is information gathered from my conversations with the great people working the hasbro booth this year. Granted, its a year out so that could change.

  2. I thought it was the other way around, the silver blue one is the exclusive, and the classic is the retail one.

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