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In case you missed them this week, VeeBee posted a series of First Looks at the Fwoosh for four of the figures from DC Universe Classics Wave 14 and the Wal-Mart exclusive Green Lantern’s Light 5-pack. I’ll post a few of the pics here, but you really should check out those First Looks. Let’s start off with the original boy who lived.


So, I am on cloud nine about FINALLY having this figure, and I know I have not been waiting as long as some who read the original issues as they were published. So, if you actually don’t like Kamandi – neener-neener! We have a Kamandi figure!!! If you don’t know about him – do some reading! And if you still aren’t convinced, you have to get him to build your Humanite.

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Green Lantern – Alan Scott

I am not a big fan of capturing a character in a “moment” in an action figure, especially if it is not something a character is known for. As mentioned before, the Joker is known for smiling big and twisted, and a guy like Kalibak is known for big frowns exposing his snaggle tooth. However, when I think of Alan Scott, I think stately. Calm, cool, dignified and rock solid. Quiet and strong to me means no mouth agape. I see what the Four Horsemen were going for here, adding a dynamic look, and every character has some moment in time when they get mad or upset or fierce; however, when capturing a figure I want the true personality of the character to come out in the face and be able to be used in a variety of situations. I just think there was a rare miss in this case.

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For the actual figure, Gold kicks tons of butt. I know Gold would be right up there, if not my favorite single figure from series 14. I have very strong character attachments to Kamandi and Hourman but from a figure perspective, Gold just looks so good; and he really did turn out great in execution. The first thing that you will probably notice is that he is very, well GOLD. The paint that they used for the figure is very bright and very striking, I mean no matter where you put him, he is going to stand out on your shelf. Thankfully, it is not that nasty vac-metal that is prone to chipping either, it is just a nice, even gold color that is very eye-catching.

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I personally have always been a big fan of Obsidian’s costumed look. He did spend sometime as just kind of a black shadow outline, but it was never as interesting to me. I really like the design and color of his classic costume the figure captures them both quite well. The blue in particular is very nice and I can assure you that you don’t have that color on your DCUC shelf yet, so he is sure to stand out. His belt and cape clasp are also painted in a nice metallic blue that adds variety to costume and his gray cape is once again made of a nice soft plastic. This does bear repeating though: Mattel needs to make all capes (and hair for that matter) out of this material going forward. It is soft and very flexible but has the aesthetic value of keeping the sculpt intact.

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Green Lantern’s Light 5-pack

Green. Lots of it. And appropriately so. The box is big (think back to last year and the Gotham City 5 pack) and you get a bio of all five figures on the back, plus that famous oath. I really like the design of it as it holds to the “75 years of DC” theme that has been consistant throughout this year, but adapted with color queues specifically for Green Lantern. Hopefully it will be eye-catching to collectors, kids and moms alike as I hope that 5 pack will be a regular thing going forward and that they will keep getting better and better.

Another nice thing about the set as a whole is the fact that we get five lanterns to go with our five figures and all five figures can actually hold their lanterns. I know Mattel got some feedback about the GL crew featured in last year’s series 11 not being able to hold their lanterns, consider the suggestion noted and implemented. Another great thing about the actual lanterns is their dark metallic green color. Prior to this, the lanterns we cast in a sort of sickly light green plastic not really consistant with the color from the comics. I really hope that, going forward, this is color they use for the green lanterns.

via First Look – DC Universe Classics Green Lantern’s Light 5 Pack | TheFwoosh.com.

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