Poll: Green Lantern Classics Top Ten

Wave 14 (2) (901x1200).jpgGreen Lantern (3) (899x1200).jpgGreen Lantern (5) (901x1200).jpgGreen Lantern (6) (900x1200).jpgGreen Lantern (8) (901x1200).jpgGreen Lantern Classics - Amon Sur (900x1200).jpgGreen Lantern Classics - Black Hand (900x1200).jpgGreen Lantern Classics - Low (900x1200).jpgGreen Lantern Classics - Maash (1) (900x1200).jpgGreen Lantern Classics - C&C Arkillo (901x1200).jpgGreen Lantern Classics - Manhunter (897x1200).jpg

Between upcoming figures in DC Universe Classics, the Green Lantern 5-Pack, and the Green Lantern Classics line (of which one series is still to be revealed), you may think Mattel has tapped out the GL franchise when it comes to comics-based figures. How wrong you would be!

In honor of the 75th Anniversary of DC Comics, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider the 75 top candidates for Green Lantern action figures, from classic to modern, and from humanoid to not even close to being from this planet – and a planet itself!

Your job is to pick the Top Ten characters you want made into action figures. Submit your vote for up to ten characters listed below. The poll will stay open through the end of August, and we’ll announce the results a couple of days later. Let’s convince Mattel to make Green Lantern Classics Waves 3 and 4!

You can discuss this Top Ten poll in this thread at the Fwoosh. Big thanks to WeaponXII and Piffy for compiling the character roster and pictures for the poll.

52 thoughts on “Poll: Green Lantern Classics Top Ten”

  1. Would only want Superboy Prime in his Sinestro Corps outfit, Parallax as Kyle Raynor and Anti-Monitor in either appearance. Bleez is a concept I would love to see realized. Though I want Chummuck, Zed, Soddam, Varth Aand many more corps members, I could walk away from the table with just these selections

  2. Would’ve been nice to see more ’80s characters (Driq, Olapet, K’ryssma, etc.) but I’d be pleased only seeing ARISIA.

  3. Amanita has looked like that exactly one time, in Sinestro Corps Secret Files, as opposed to his dozens of actual comic appearances. So no thanks. And is it really that hard to find a pic of Charlie Vicker (there’s no S) in his actual uniform?

  4. I deliberately did not chose Anti Monitor as I dont want a Chemo-sized AM 🙁

    anyway, hard to pick only 10

  5. had to forego anyone who already got a fig from DCD.
    still, I would have chosen a minimum of 15-20.

  6. Left off Rainbow Leaders hoping their locked in favor of some of the other characters I would love to see.

  7. Awesome!! promise us you’ll make them, I don’t mind to have all of those lanterns.. Make them all (especially that never made before and no humans.. boriing)

  8. Where is the all of the above button???

    Seriously though. There are some realy great choices. It was realy hard to just pick 10.

  9. I tried to pick 10 that wouldn’t necc. be done automatically but are my most favorite as far as visuals. In reality I’d rather it be a top 30 lol.

  10. Uhm missing so many. Where are the classics in this list of classics? Goldface tattooed man doctor Polaris etc? Everything gl should not be the war of light

  11. DC Direct has already made so many of these. I only want first time characters never made before in any way!!!!!!!

  12. It was a tough one, but finally had to decide, many that may should be selected were not 🙁

  13. We can only hope that mattel sticks to an all Green Lantern Universe line from here on out. I would love to see an on going on line exclusive series if it could happen.

  14. I went with more of the actual “Classic” characters although I did go with a few current ones also. I agree about Jade….WHERE WAS SHE??? I’d get her in a heart-beat!

  15. Awesome poll! I love Green Lantern and basically everything Geoff Johns and DC has been doing with it the last six years. I only wish Mattel and DC Direct had clear-cut boundaries of who’s producing what! I think DCD should do current GL (the multi-colored corps), and Mattel everything that came before. Either way, looking forward to what else is in store!

  16. GL figures in the the main DCUC line then? Maybe some with Nekron in Wave 20 if it wins the fan poll. I think only one GLC series has been confirmed. so sayeth Captain Obvious

  17. I voted for my most wanted GL – Arisia. The rest were more alien like Lanterns so we could get more varied body types for the Corps like: Salaak, Ismot, Bleez and Soranik.

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