Poll: Would You Buy DC Universe Classics Characters You Already Had If They Were Re-released with Updated Articulation? – Round 2

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After reading our San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Mattel DC Universe Classics – Updates, AFP reader chisd made this comment about the updated articulation we saw:

Mattel, if ur listening, please……the wave 16 robin is soooo fine, with the extra articulation and all that stuff. BUT please, do not make the following waves (wave 17, 18, 19…) and the re-issues the same articulation with wave 16 robin. If you do that ALL our previous collections (wave 1,2,3,4…) MUST all be replaced with the “new trend” of these articulations. We dont wanna re-buy new batmans, supermans, etc just to be abreast with the new Dick Grayson robin. If you do that, it will be a burden to us collectors. It means we have to collect again. I just wish we could finally end our collections with the same line and same articulations. I have many collections already. I aint that rich.

A couple months ago, after Sandman showed off his Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, we ran a poll asking if you would buy DCUC figures you already had if they were re-released with updated articulation. The results were interesting. Over 1/4 of voters said definitely no. A little less than that, over 1/5 said definitely yes. The remaining folks said it would depend.

Now that we’ve seen more prototypes feature double-jointed elbows and knees, and hinged wrists, it’s time to ask the question again. If you voted in the previous poll, you won’t be able to vote again. So if you’ve changed your mind, or just feel strongly about the articulation updates, leave a comment below.

14 thoughts on “Poll: Would You Buy DC Universe Classics Characters You Already Had If They Were Re-released with Updated Articulation? – Round 2”

  1. I honestly don’t know why it matters to have two different models of articulation. Just because these new figures are getting new articulation doesn’t mean that Mattel would have to re-make old ones. Sure, it makes sense for some characters (Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, etc), but others are fine the way they are (Killer Moth, Booster Gold, Aquaman). And the few that actually need to be redone can be taken care of with an All Star release. New articulation isn’t the end of the world, guys.

  2. >>ALL our previous collections (wave 1,2,3,4…) MUST all be replaced

    No, they mustn’t. You might be compulsive about that, but most other people aren’t. I’m sorry if it’s a big problem for you, but…. wait, no, I’m not sorry at all. You’re being ridiculous.

    I have mostly avoided this line because the articulation wasn’t on par with Marvel Legends. Now that they’re starting to approach the same level, I will consider buying some. In fact, I’ll buy a Batman with the new artic for sure.

    Now if you’d just do something about that ugly hip articulation, I’d be even more interested…

  3. I think I might re-buy a Batman if they did new articulation on him. I’m pretty pleased with my DCUC as is, though.

  4. No need to redo all of them, maybe just the big 7. For me, just some of the Bat family (they do a lot of crouching and acrobatic stuff) like Nightwing and Bats. I wouldn’t mind a Batgirl with double-joints either! Also from here on out, I think any of the Flash family needs the double-joint treatment.

  5. Hi, for those who say Yes, think about it… the figures you’re buying right now, you’ll buy them again in 2 years from now just because they come with more articulation (ie: bendable figures)??? Cmon – tell the company to make the figure right the first time with your wallet! There are TONS of characters who haven’t been made who would sell based on their appearance alone! What’s next, butterscoth-costume Batman with bendable ear flaps?

  6. I agree with Sandman21xxi. I would definitely re-purchase the iconics with the extra articulation (especially Superman). Nightwing really needs the extra posability. And any Speedster is a definite. At least there is a very good chance now that Wally will have this improved articulation.

  7. I’m with most people on this one: Only the acrobatic characters really need extra articulation. For instance Bats. Robin. Batgirl. Catwoman. Heck, nobody needs a super-articulated Penguin or Chemo, though a new Grodd who can do monkey poses would be interesting…

    Seriously though, at DCUC’s prices, there is no way in hell I’ll repurchase more than a tiny selection of characters, let alone ALL of them.

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only who thinks this way. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do double joints for females because of the issues with the extra thin arms (the legs might be fine though).

  9. Good point about the female arms, the female base bodies need constant tweaking anyway. Hopefully they’ll find a way to do the double joints on somewhat more fuller arms!

  10. I wouldnt, but I am satisfied with the current level of articulation. I think more will start eating away at the aesthetics of the sculpt(a problem with ML).

  11. I would just be happy to be able to pick up the characters that were impossible to find like Gentleman Ghost, Hawkgirl, Wild Cat and Mantis from waves 8 and 9. (not to mention the baf parts)

  12. scissors too!!! good comment man! I definitely agree if mattel cant be stopped from their marketing strategy.

  13. With the years long migraine of poor distribution *Walmart*…no thanks. I’m cool with seeking out really well done custom action figures of the characters I tend to favor the most and spend the money in that direction. I love extra articulation, but it really does depend on the character.

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