Onell Designs Glyos System Figures

I first heard of the Glyos System like many others may have, through their addition to the Four Horsemen Outer Space Men figures. What the Glyos System (pronouned “gl-EYE-os”) is about is a simple system of interchangeable joints, basically small pegs that are easily removable, but also stay on tight for articulation and posing. In a word,  AWESOME.

The first Glyos System figure produced and released was Pheyden. Pheyden was made with a slightly harder plastic, and therefore can be a little harder to pop apart. It is really awesome that Onell Designs still offers their very first figures for order, and what’s even better, they are FOUR DOLLARS EACH! I am not kidding – these are so affordable, you can’t afford NOT to get them.

pheyden1.jpgpheyden2.jpgpheyden3.jpg pheyden7.jpg pheyden8.jpgpheyden5.jpgpheyden6.jpg

Once you get several figures using the Glyos System, you can really see where the awesomeness and playability of these toys starts to come in, and really what makes them unique. Every figure is another piece to the puzzle, much like Legos, but much more epic. These are the first toys I actually could not stop PLAYING with after I got them in the mail. They are fun TOYS.

Up next is the GOBON. This Gobon in particular is the Stealth Gobon, because of the clear plastic it is made of. Thats another awesome feature of the Glyos figures – they come in soooo many colors. From clear colors, to glow in the dark, to metallic swirls, and even UV Color Changing!



At last, but not least, the BEANBOT, one of the most affordable Glyos System figures, as well as the most versatile. I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.



Now, take all of your Glyos System figures, throw them together, and get creative! Below are just a FEW of the things I came up with.



You can find the Glyos figures and accessories at, be sure to tell them ActionFigurePics sent yah!

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